Saturday, July 7, 2012

story by beatrice fowowe :')

i want you guys to read this story, by my very amazing wonderful friend beatrice @forthebarbies i love the literature, and she's only 14
Chapter 1:
I was 14 years old when he got me. It wasn't like the movies. He didn't say “If you scream, I'll kill you”. He didn't say anything. He gagged me and grabbed my arm, the look on his face, it was expressionless, emotionless, no smile, no smirk, just blank. He took me off in his van, he didn't say a word the whole way there, didn't look at me, didn't talk to me. The silence was dirty, a dirty silence. I know, it doesn't seem to make sense but the silence, it was filthy. The van was stuffy, it was spacious so the heat was just circulating around the van. I didn't say anything, I didn't ask questions because I wasn't expecting any answers, I knew where I was going, I wasn't coming back. I wasn't scared, I didn't feel the need to be. Life ends someday, and I knew that today may be my day. He threw me. I landed with a thud. It didn't hurt much because I landed on something cushion like. Dust filled the air, it was dark, smelled of damp. No windows. Just stairs and door. In the far left hand corner there was a toilet, a urinal and a sink. Blood stains painted the faded yellow walls, the paint was peeling, it was crackling, like there was an earthquake on the walls and the paint pieces were ruins. I shut my eyes, laid back onto the mattress and took a deep breath. It was the most painful breath I had ever taken, but that didn't matter, more pain was coming my way and I had to face it. My eyes shot open like a lightening bolt, I saw it, I saw my life flash before my eyes and I thought this was the end. I began to focus on the ceiling. Why didn't I notice this before? Images. What was this? Kidnap victims? I was next, I knew I was. There was a lump in my throat, I gulped. I wasn't scared, but worried of what was yet to come. I got lost in a train of thought, I wondered what my parents were doing, what they were thinking. I knew there wouldn't be any missing reports filed, any search parties, I didn't bother thinking nor imagining what they'd be going through because I knew they wouldn't care. Things have been tough at home recently, constant arguments, we hardly spoke to each other, dinner was pure silence, all the love turned to hate, no more happy families. They wouldn't care about me, they wouldn't take notice. The door flew open, a tall figure stood, the light from outside was too much, I squinted. It was the man, the man that took me. He shut the door and began to walk down the stairs, his foot steps echoed. He strode towards me, I stood, looked at him then turned away. I began walking towards the walls. “ I'm not going to fight back, I'm not going to resist nor react, I just want to know, what do you want from me? What's going to happen next? I just want answers”. His mouth twisted, but he said nothing. “ I just want answers” I repeated. He opened his mouth to speak “ You're going to live here from now on, you won't survive, the rest didn't so I know you won't. I'll have my way with you, you wont resist, you wont have choice in what I do. You do what I tell you to do. In the end, you'll die and nobody will find you. I'll cremate your remains. This is basically the end for you.” His voice was nothing like I expected. It was high-pitched, it had an awkward tone to it. I was unexpected, almost surreal. I wasn't afraid. I was his next victim.

Pain and Alcohol

hey guys, how's it hanging, lol, i know i'm hardly ever posting articles nowadays, (._. ) i'm jus lazy
oh well, i got this really cool idea from my friends so i was like sure why not, its a good title
pain and alcohol

*before i start though, i dont really have much experience in this, i stopped taking alcohol since like 3 years back and also i don't think i have ever gotten drunk, got tipsy once tho*
 ok here goes

you're hurt.... you feel like the world is against u, u messed up with that girl, he broke your heart, you lost the contract, all your money gone, your house got burnt, lost your job, your life is a mess, the world itself, the very ground you walk on hates you,

 you need an escape
you need to get out
throw your pain into a bottle, and let the alcoholic substance wash away ur pain with its heat that rushes into your gut and lightens your senses, releasing you from the troubles of this world.... you eventually find a bottle.
first shot, second shot
ooooooh fuck the shots, gimme the whole damn bottle..... *gulps*. You're gone, your mind has been released.....trouble?, is that even a word..hahahahah  u're drunk and everything is now a blur

*blacks out*

sadly the escape is just for the moment......... you wake up, you meet a new pain, your head is pounding and your world is spinning, you're dizzy.

vweennnn *argh the head ache*

aspirin, advil, panadol, anything :(

which gives the most pain, the pain before the alcohol?, the hangover and its the memory of the reason why you wanted to escape and the harsh reality that you couldnt esacpe, the depression, the shame, the fear of not knowing what you did while you were drunk, its crazy....
 you're just gona pick yourself up, gather whats left of your pride and try to fix things, oooor, you could just go back to the bottle, that works too.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lol, i havent written in ages...... nufn..not my usual rants or even my nnayaian fictions its been a month since my last post..( maybe more) not on here tho, on my blogspot page .
oh well it was writer's block for a while then it just became sheer laziness (._. ), because for a while i've had various muses
      Decided i'll write on disappointments... since well, basically for the past 2 months that's all i've been facing, nothing works the way i want them to, i'm not getting the replies i want...*sigh*..... like this one time i wanted to see this chic that lives close to my office....she always had one excuse or sumn sha.....maybe its cuz i'm ugly ('_' ) , lol...was stood up like 5 the space of two weeks...and then there's my parents that  say no when i ask for sumn...oh well *moving on*
      apparently disappointments can't be avoided....its an annoying part of life 8-/ so basically the key is learning how to live with it.... i know the pain of disappointment..its kinna depressing really, and tiring especially to a laid back person like me who isnt the too much effort kinna it hurts when i do put in effort and get squat out of it. it gets to a point where you ask yourself if its worth it and you start over thinking. it ends up becoming self inflicted depression.
so searching within myself i realized moping wasnt the answer, it wont make things better, the best thing to do is to HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE .. pick yourself up, dust yourself, learn from your mistakes and move on..... at some point you'll eventually get what you want (^.^) 
basically just remember...all things work together for our good, whether its positive or negative :* :* 

a weekend's horrible end

this weekend wasnt the best of weekends for Nigerians, the tragedies and the lives lost :( its actually so sad...and then trying to capture the last moments of the deceased in my head...i can only wonder what their last words could have been, their last thoughts.........then moving back some hours later, or minutes, back to when they would have been unaware that their deaths were at hand

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Okadas, I ride that

hey dont mind the sighing, i'm jus mega bored at work, they have absolutely nufn for me to do in this place ( -___-) , the boredom is giving me a migrain, i should have jus stayed at home and slept my brains off, oh well, i'll jus do something totally unresourceful with my time..... BLOG ABOUT OKADAS hahahahahah :D

okay okay...i hardly used to use public transport, partly because i was an over protected dweeb (._. ) and secondly because i'm not the going out kinda person (>_<), buh since i started my industrial training ( a ritual for teenage earthlings studying science) i have been forced to use them a lot ( *sigh* lol i feel this is my Earth dad's revenge on me for riding in his car for 18 years of my life, and counting hahahah) oh well i've had to use them public transports a lot to move around.. and my fave form of transport hehehe OKADAS

yes and to those of u who'll call me razz and unfresh weeelll.......

ehen, yes so lemme jus gist u, if u are a lagosian and u havent used an okada, dont call yourself a lagosian, call urself a visitor o_O (LOL, i kid)

Ah, that feeling of being on one, the wind blowing in ur face, sand and dust also,
wheezing through traffic and laughing at the cars stuck in the jam hahahah
almost being hit by cars all the time hahah

its a cool thing really, i've even become a regular customer at  a certain okada park at cms on the island, they all know me and where i want to go hehehe

although i had a really bad experience wif them okadas, i lost a trouser (may it rest in peace)

ooh well i'm done with le jobless blogging....byeeee :* :* *zooms off on okada*

Sunday, May 20, 2012

random typing blah blah

i dont have much motivation to do things on my own, evrything gets boring to me, pleasure is fleeting, why chase it when it's only going to disappear from ur clutches as soon as its over, leaving nothing but memory traces that fade eventually. lol we end up toying with our emotions ourselves, driving it into a frenzied rollercoaster ride up, down and around

I remember telling myself that the worst thing that could happen is that i die.....tall words, if only my actions matched my words, i'm too laid back to be motivated.

you know that awkward moment when u waste a day... then u go to bed feeling sorry for urself and then u tell urself that u'll be productive the next day... then the next day..loool, u do the same thing all over again hahaha, happens to this boy a lot

oh well, one thing that helps me sleep well at night...the thought that i was the reason behind someone's smile during the day...dont care how.... twitter, facebook, tumblr, my blog, reality, etc

iono i think i jus basically feel happy when i make others happy :) oh well

*sigh* i'm just writing randomly..i should go to bed, i have work tomorrow

sayonara readers :* :*

Thursday, May 17, 2012

wheel barrow full of money

hey there earthlings....*dusting blog and cleaning cob webs*
yeeehhh hehehe, its been a while since my last post....i've been crazy tired cos of work and all x_x
but i'm here now, i'm actually putting this post up from work :p
wait chill a bit *covers laptop screen from boss* .........
okay he's gone *phew*

okay so the reason for this post is because of the issue of the new 2000 and 5000 naira notes.. -____-
i have a huge issue with those notes, sometimes i wonder if the people in the seat of power in this part of ur planet use their heads when making decisions....or they make decisions from their stomachs.

lol i can just imagine holding a 5000naira note, the moment i drop it to pay for sumn, that money is gone
or just imagine if nobody has change -___-
i go to the market to buy sumn

me: good afternoon i want to buy that bowl of fruits

merchant: okay sir that'll be 200 naira

le me holding only my 5000 naira note

me: *brings out money* do you have change for 5000 naira (loool)

merchant: no sir i will owe u change

me: -__- i'll jus go hungry nigg

looool or or u have only 5000 and u want to board an okada (bike)
me: okada, i dey go this bus stop u fit drop me for there?

bikeman: yes sir no problem

me: how much u go take?

bikeman: 50 naira sir... (loool, you know what happens next bah?)

me : haa, make i do christmas for u, take 100 naira sef

bikeman: *wide grin* no p sir oya make we go

me: brings out 5000, shae u get change sha?

bikeman: haa!! 5000? sir u go jus take 4500, give me 500 ni

me: ole ni e, commot jare kmt...i go jus trek am -__-

lmao i jus had to imagine these two scenarios in my head..newaiz i pray our country doesnt reach d stage where we'll carry a wheel barrow full of money to buy bread and egg sha ijn amen

if u have any comments or opinions please drop them, thaaaankkssss

Friday, April 27, 2012

I AM NNAYAIAN 2: emotions and reasoning

hello earthlings...the next episode to my earth adventures.... enjoy (^.^)

Same time as my/Uche's awakening, in a different timezone 4 hours ahead( a battle between the u.s army and some rebels)
6:30 am
 Another nnayaian...(actually the first nnayaian to arrive on earth and awaken..Earth alias: hugh carter) becomes aware of my awakening (ask me how i know this, weelllll we met so we synchronized data jus like u earthlings do with phones and laptops and shii )
BOOOOM he flash jumps just in time to escape the explosion  * appears in a half wrecked building*
phew that was close...i got distracted there for a second, i almost thought the last nnayaian would never awaken. Aah i see, his earthen alias is Uche Ajoks, apparently he was sent to be raised by nigerians..LOL very un-cliche (if thats a word lol) choice, that means i'll have to get to him sooner or later, but for now, he'll have to grow for himself, i'm kind of tied up in this battle , and we're losing
problem now is i cant mentally track the energy signals of my platoon..uche's energy readings are haywire now cuz he just awakened so its jamming theirs out. *calms down a little to try and pick up energy signals* shit shit shit, most of the guys are dead, the rest are retreating, the able bodied ones are taking the injured out of the field....but...*concentrates for more energy readings* chuck, he's still out there, and the rebels closing in on him *flash jumps*
Hugh flash jumps to Chucks coordinates (note flash jump isnt teleportation in an actual sense. nnayaians move so fast that it breaks down their molecules that moves instantly then rearranges where they want it to)...
Screw u rebels, Chuck shouts as he shoots franctically  at any and every target. *click click click* he runs out of bullets, the rebels seize the opportunity and shoots chucks legs, he screams with a voice thats send high pitched waves and hugh picks it up in his molecule state, compelling his emotions of fear and anger (fear that he is about to lose his best human friend, and anger at the rebels) which he converts into energy, driving him faster towards chucks location.
chuck falls on his knees, he reaches into his back pocket and brings out a picture which had him, his girlfriend he just proposed to and hugh behind them resting on their shoulders laughing, he laughs chuckles at the picture and allows a tear to fall and says goodbye guys ...*BANG* Chuck was shot on his forehead by a rebel.
As chuck lands on the floor, hugh materializes to witness it.....He was immediately filled with raged, buh being  nnayaian, his rage was not shown on his face, just a cold blank stare as the raged was converted spontaneously into energy, Hugh's eyes glowed , their green-ness becoming more pronounced, he could see the wave trajectory of the bullet and picked up the energy readings of the shooter and the gun, he didnt feel the need to hide, they were just mere humans, he picked his side arm from its holster on his knee, pointed it in the direction of the shooter ...gathered up energy into the gun and the tip of the bullet (nnayaians have the ability to manipulate energy, molecules and electrons, buh limited tho), then he pulled the trigger
BOOM.....The bullet did more damage than it would have ever done as a normal bullet, it caused a 5 foot explosion, the other rebels were astonished and started screaming.... Hugh smiled, he had picked up their energy reading....

done with chapter 2 *phew* pls read up and drop ur comments muah muah bye earthlings

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


nothing else to blog bout today....its all pointless at this moment... for now....chelsea has gone against all odds and defeated barcelona
for life babay

Monday, April 23, 2012

passport dilemma

loooool...u ever wonder how no matter how cute or beautiful someone is, earthling passports always finds a way to make them look ugly...hahahaha, that dont happen on my planet .... nah bro, our passpors are keewwwwlllllllll (thats cool)

oh well, lemme show u some me if u find this offensive...i actually stole these passports from a confidential source....
u see the difference....we on nnayaea are allowed to make cool poses from chest level and up...humans arent (>_<) downer
looool dont mind me tho, i'm jus messing around...the coolest passport to me tho is the baby one
LMAOOOOO, "you drink milk...out of glass???!!!


alien detections from planet nnayaea have reported a protest at UI, the university of ibadan (i think X_X) oooh well...this is as a result of the poor condition of power supply in this particular earthling institution of learning....the protest started today at 7:00 am reports from some of my earth friends tell me dat all classes have been shut down....
students have come together to raise their voices.... NO LIGHT NO CLASS #OccupyUI

*sigh* the lack of order...this only begets more disorderliness....

hopefully they'll resolve this issue soon and nothing will get outta hand

note: i have taken no sides in this...i'm just here to watch and never interfere, loooool alien rules, never interfere with human politics if u are on a research mission LOL

Sunday, April 22, 2012

i dont know...jus felt like posting this
"speak so i may see you" deep words by socrates....some of u earthlings wont understand this n u'll probably laugh cuz u think it doesnt make sense.....
buh it does.....
out of the abundance of the heart the mouth u're bound to say what u think on a matter.......
dont dissapoint me by appearing bright and then u open ur mouth and then u sound like an immature being.....smh not cool...
think before u talk....reason more.....think a lot and gatther information on many could help u a lot u know...
i basically like being friends with people that say meaningful things and think before they talk not pple that allow air to blow words outta their mouths, deep minded people and not shallow vain people dat dont know what's important...jus saying

food for literature more often could help u not jus anything u can reading is knowledge, knowledge is although, u could get beaten up even if u are smart ooooo, i jus mean that figuratively hahahahahah


  *teleports in*
hey yo earthlings..... :D no wait..i really need to stop an american scientist might read this and send some soldiers or sumn...(not that i'm scared.. dat i'll be caught, i'm scared that they'll become my slaves thanks to my awesomeness B-| )
  oh well...i'm soooo happy, my birthday was yesterday...and i got a lot of birthday pleasantries, i felt so popular ...( blushing, yes i'm vain for d popularity bit, buh i'm not like those dat'll kill for it, i'll jus take it as it comes, one friend at a time).....thanks to those of u that wished me a happy birthday, i appreciate it so much....u guys made my seriously...that was all i needed....i even got from pple i didnt know personally (twitter and all) i love allll u seriously, i do
  yesterday got me thinking tho.......i'm nineteen n i have a goal...i want to change the nineteen i felt like i was wasting my time, that there was nothing i'd b able to do to change it..buh all those birthday wishes made me feel like i actually was making progress..
it got me thinking *that saying was actually true*  if u want to change the world, begin with ursefl.....if u do that, u'll eventually affect those around u, dat'll make dem change those around them which will create a chain of changes...pretty cool aint it :D
    how dyu do this?  make a friend at a time...and not jus for friendship sake or popularity sake buh because u want to make a difference in their make them better make them smile when u're around and miss u when u aint there....pple u can call bros or sisters or whatever...pple that u can know what they're thinking without them saying anything..... i have pple like we laugh at d same jokes and dudes and babes...

basically, i love my friends...and i dont mind changing the world by making them happy.....

sorry i cant upload pics of all my friends, buh u guys know urselves :* :* :* :*

Friday, April 20, 2012

I AM NNAYAIAN (1) : The Beginning

kk, hello there earthlings....yh...i'll jus fill u guys in on my secret adventures on this planet

2:30 AM
 His eyes snap open as his heart beat races wildly....he sits up in his bed and notices, all his senses were heightened, i could hear his thoughts (duuuh, i'm him lol) * so it wasn't a dream he thought*
      He had finally gained consciousness of me,  his trueself...histories of his planet, our planet, crashed into his dreams, teaching him in an instant all he needed to know(basically, average knowledge, from an average nnayaian student on our planet *earth's kanye's shrug*) ......He got up from his bed and went into th ebathroom to look at himself in the mirror.....he noticed his eyes were green....normally he would have been freaked out, buh he knows now so he jus keeps staring at us in the mirror...(weirdo).

              *Sigh* now my eyes are green....TF am i gonna do with this tho, i know, i'll jus tell everyone i got new contacts...newaiz i look cool with them....i'm gorge :* :* ...... okay now, so basically, from the memories in my dream, i can't fly, buh i'm not confined by the full effects of gravity, and *does a 720 degree back flip* AWWEEEESSOOOMMMEEEE..... hhahaah now ope wont come and start showing off in my face :p ....what else can i do?.... oh speed is increased, sumn they call Flash jump back on nnayaea.....buh i'm pretty sure i wont be that good at it, i have to work on it. I'll probably become a super hero now.... nah bro...i'll jus be me, that super hero stuff is such a cliche'

i cant sleep brain is jus scanning thru everything.... (._. ) as if it wasnt bad enough that i thought too much when i assumed i was still a human, now with my heightened senses..*sigh* i'll jus hang out on the roof for a bit *goes outside the house and takes a huge leap and lands on the roof* THUD ....whoops, i hope that didnt wake mum up
          so what am i gonna do on this planet now?.......staring thru these eyes, erything seems a bit clearer to me now... i see patterns in everything, EVEN IN RANDOMNESS I SEE PATTERNS. looks like my life has started a new adventure
          Staring off in the night with his new eyes....uche realizes, things aint gonna be the same again...
I realize, things are gonna be different... Uche the

LOL, guys tell me what u think of this first post...pls, i'd really love to see comments

coming soon

kk, i'm gonna start short stories from my alien adventures so .....yh whatever, enjoy sha :D

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A lonely boy ranting

i jus changed my bbm name to darkness ....dunno why......thats what my mentality is turning into atm....i think its a phase of depression i'm going thru..... ( this never happens when i'm in my nnayaian form *rme* ), dont even know wat to think of anything again...pffft, whats d point, as long as its on earth its goin to end up being obsolete (that means become useless...for those of u who dont know)
i think putting this on my blog is just a medium for me to scream...cuz i sure as hell will not do that in real life......where do i even want to scream sef, so they'll now look at me like a madman.....oblivious to d heavy dark depressing thoughts that are squashing my spirit.....i hate the fact that i have low self esteem, its a bother.....i thought i was breaking out of it...buh this is the longest i've felt depressed since secondary school, io dont even know whats wrong with me.....i'm jus tired basically...
lol dont worry about me, i'm not contemplating suicide, i'm too much of a coward for that *kanye shrug* sue me...i aint afraid to admit that fact bout me, i'm cowardly...and i hate it....i try to stop it, buh its too much effort....i dont have that natural charismatic courage some pple have, i jus like being that ghost that watches erything, sees stuff and all, i actually hate attention unless i really want it ( for example now) i actually want a hug, a real hug, not all them bbm or twitter bullshit asterixxed hugs u guys pass around forming crappy online love......its bull(i'd do it, i attach no meaning to it tho 3-| ) unless i realy love u tho....  dont worry, my LSE doesnt affect my ability to actually care about pple......sigh*, i'm jus least i feel lighter now....buh then again.....i jus want to hibernate from the world for a while and do some soul searching *cliche talk*
this isnt all thats on my mind tho...i'm restraining myself....if not some pple will start a prayer chain and kidnap me for deliverance..oh well....later earthlings...

sorry for the rantings...dont use this to judge me...i jus tend to feel lost sometimes
i'll get over it...maybe... oh yeah, my birthday is this saturday.... u guys can wish me happy birthday on my twitter..that'll lift my spirit up a bit :) @nnaya_A

Monday, March 26, 2012

Young Earthling minds1

...hello readers, how are u guys today.....hope y'all are day was boring...didnt really do much at the i jus stared at the sealing imagining i was a ninja in naruto and i was forming hand seals...looooool x__x

      oh well....wanted to put up this article...i read it and i loved it......makes me feel like there is hope for humans after all(so my planet wont blow u guys up (^.^) )....basically i love interacting with people that dont have shallow mind i  feel intrigued when i see knowlegdeable earthlings....
           this one is by my was originally for her assignment in school, buh i liked it and i told her to let me upload it......u guys enjoy ur read :')
Who am I? I am not totally sure about this question; I am still faced with the challenge of what to wear every morning, but in the course of answering this question I hope it serves as a directive or foundation to self-discovery.
My name is Ajoku Oluwafunmito Onyx, I am female, I am seventeen, I am the first girl and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. I am 5.ft. I come from a very large family and I am also the second child of five. I stay with my parents and extended family most of the time. This experience has exposed me to all sorts of characters. The fact that I am a product of an inter-marriage also has an effect on my morals and my character. I consider myself an introvert with extrovert tendencies, which could be attributed to my not so independent life. I basically have everything I need handed to me without much work. I assume it is because I was brought up in a home where I am not allowed out of the house recklessly. I am shy but if pushed to do something would do it to almost perfection with my knees shaking and teeth clattering. I also consider myself choleric with a bit of melancholic and phlegmatic characteristics, I could be very strong headed, I presume it is because I am principled and most times not one to go against my morals and beliefs.
I enjoy writing, even if most times it’s a way to release negative energy, I love singing and listening to music. It’s also a stress reliever for me. I love eating and reading also, but I sleep a lot. I came to the conclusion that if I slept more hours in a day, I wouldn’t have time to think about troublesome things and get sad. It’s a pathetic theory but I live it like a religion. I have a very crazy sense of humour. I brag a lot, consciously or unconsciously, I feel the need to show off, a characteristic I am not proud of. I laugh at almost everything and anything. Sometimes, for no reason at all. I am indifferent to school and education but I believe it’s a requirement if I want to go far in life. I believe in God and respect religion but sometimes I have my doubts. I love solitude but hate being lonely. I have an interest in homeless children. I feel no child should have to suffer because they didn’t ask to be born. Someday, I intend to have a school particularly for kids on the street who need to discover themselves.
I am practical and rational, probably to a fault. I find it difficult to step out of my comfort zone, I prefer looking deeper into the box than exploring outside the boundaries of the box, and that kind of helps me stick to my values and principles. I hold the truth in high esteem, even if it’s hard sometimes to live by that. I am also attracted to humility, I really don’t appreciate bullies. I don’t mean depriving someone of food or something, but when a person with more charisma and influence forces a weaker person to do things they wouldn’t normally do. In other words, I hate peer pressure. I hate cheats because they seem to get everything without lifting a finger. I could probably compose a write up the size of an encyclopaedia on my likes and dislikes because it’s a variable to me. I don’t hate or like things without them affecting me directly.
I sing pretty well. I have been told I have good writing skills, especially lyric wise but I doubt those abilities. I’m really good at craft, I am ‘’anti-sports’’, but I learn fast so I would consider changing that about myself. I have a way with kids, but I get easily angered and frustrated.
I am currently in 100 level at Covenant University. I really haven’t accomplished much, but I am working on it. I have so many dreams and aspirations; some might even consider them to be castles in the air. I have not started my journey to accomplish these dreams. They are just pen marks on the back of several of my books at the moment. To be able to realise these dreams, I would have to let go of my affinity to indecision because it is a major barrier for me.
In conclusion, I consider my life, me, a paradox, because I believe in one thing but in reality I do the opposite. In the beginning,. I wrote ‘’I am not totally sure about this question…’’. The truth is, somehow, we all know who we really are but because we aren’t totally happy with whom that is, we repress it. Then when we say ‘’Embarking on a self-discovery journey’’ we really mean, ‘’Embarking on a journey to find a person we really like’’. Who am I? I am still figuring this out but for now, cliché as it may sound, I am me. Whoever that is…..

i love this soooo much...i didnt even know she had this in her

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ignore hate
dine with ur fears....(i'm still learning how to do this a step at a time)
avoid being shallow...or u'll be deceived by the illusion that is this world
press people...ask questions....
try to make someone smile'll make u feel good about yourself(we always want to feel important to at least one person.....doing this is the easiest way to achieve that)
its not bad to follow a if u say u dont move with the crowd,,,then ur statement is flawed cuz there is a crowd of people saying the same happy and let loose.....dont be uptight
dont think everything can go ur way...cuz it cant.....perfection isnt possible until it is allowed to be possible, buh until then, aim for excellence....besides, there is beauty in the drums.....wonderful beats created from banging and noise making.....#bliss...( i love drums :') )
       love, learn love....this concept...goes past being a mere is a decision...a behaviour....a personality...a force...THE GREATEST GIFT.....
i'm jus rambling.......

i hope u guys love this post...pls leave comments
             all these in myy head....felt like letting it out

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


                    DONT WORRY  (^.^) :*

loving life: worry....... pls, y should i?

I only have so long to teach u how to love life: this is the first article on a series of articles i want to write......i'll blog more about it when i've done my research...i really hope this article helps me and a lot of people......buh this first
        do u hava problem in your life? no?...then why worry    yes? well then, can u do sumn bout it? no? then why worry...or if u can...then again i ask, why worry?...basically....worry should be the last thing we ever do.....cuz no matter what it is....if we can solve the problem, den there is no need to worry, and if we cant, jus leave it to God...cuz he said to us, cast all ur cares upon me....

what i've been up to

     hey readers.... sorry, i admit its been a while and even my recent posts have been a tad boring.....buh i'm around again :D.....i'll try to put up my usual interesting posts (^.^)
      oh well....i jus wantd to keep u guys up to date with what i've been up to recently......kk , u guys remeber in my earler post i said i was on IT(industrial training) weeeellllllll :D i've finally gotten a job.....i'm sooo happy *azonto* *insert azonto music here* loool
   last week friday i wrote a gmat exam to be enrolled into d company and i passed....and i was called yesterday to resume work today...i was excited as ummmm i dunno sha, buh i was sha excited....newaiz since i've started work, its still possible to complete the 6 months i was supposed to do.
   so lemme gist u bout my first day at work...kk, i was introduced to every single person in the office, that alone was tiring, and my HR supervisor...beautiful miss Adetutu, kept getting d pronunciation of my surname wrong...twas kinna cute and funny...after the intro...the next order of business was like 6 hours of boredom :| as in boredom was giving me head ache.....the only bright side to all the boredom was looking at all those beautiful aunties in the building..*love struck* lol it wont be bad to hava sugar aunty (and i say aunty bcos none of em look old enough to b called sugar mummy) hahahahaha, i kid y'all, my gf will swallow my head
      oh well, i got my first assignment later in the day....seems good enough...i hope dey eventually teach me some geophysics stuff
    thats all for now guys...i'll be sure to blog more ish for u guys

Monday, March 12, 2012

lol beauty in the eyes of this beholder

hey there again, earthlings *cough* cough* i mean readers x_x
(i cant let my secret alien identity out..or scientist will probe me)
   ..........that aside, i just felt like putting down what i saw as my criteria....note this is my own opinion, feel free to comment with yours, i would defo love to hear from my readers
kk so beauty in my eyes
lol first of, what attracts me to a girl first is her, i'm a sucker for cute eyes and my definition of cute eyes are not eyes like mine loool, mine are too small (makes me look like i'm sleeping or high x_x)
i like girls if big eye balls..or moderate...den another thing is if her eyes have like darkened edges, like d smokey eyed thing.....omg i'll be hypnotized...buh what gets to me most is natural eye colour diff from d normal brown eyes...luckily my gf has it...( makes me go crazy erytime i look in em)..she has light brown eyes and they're awesome
kk also i'm dead for cute lips....not big ones like mine again.....loooool x_x, moderate or small and pink and gf's lips are jus perfect thank u very much :p
then i love long hair...natural..or whatever..i jus like seeing hair dropping...its hot to me
lol and lastly, unlike most guys...boob or ass size dont move me.....buh baby's ones are cool :D (i'm not being naughty, i'm jus stating the obvious so :p)
  oh well so thats jus my opinion sha...feel free to give urs

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What powers do i want?

okay, y'all have to admit it, at a point in ur life we've all wished we had some kind of those them super heroes have, u know, superman, xmen...sha ur favourite cartoon heroes sha
kk, well i just wanna share my childish fantasies of me with powers........the powers i love the most
      speed and teleportation

   because, with these, even if i'm not the strongest, i'll always b seconds away from the ones i love, and also, i'll never be too far from her side (^.^)

sorry for keeping y'all waiting

wow...its been a while since my last bad iwas actually too lazy to come up with anything to write heheheh (what...dont judge me jor, like we all dont have our lazy moments)....oh well,
          My uni(cu or covenant uni ) has resumed for its second semester and most students have returned for another season of learning, boredom and ooohhh well, light tyranny...the rest of us, quite lucky, dont have to resume because.....u guessed it, we're on IT (industrial training for those of u who dont know). yup....six months away from school..this is the longest i have ever been away from school in my life.......oh well, IT isnt its own walk in the park either, we have to looks for job placements...and work....the sad part of mine is, i still havent found a job yet :'( (i'm busy lazying about at home while my mates are working) see my life smh @ myself
             omo buh job search is tedious tho....., i remember last friday....when i went to drop my IT letter at a certain company...after biking...trekking and sweating...(and it was actually a fun experience cuz it was my first time biking on the island) i now got there and d guy..(oh and side note..when i was goin, momc was like i should not wear  skinnies to look for a job. and i looked great in what i was wearing, i actually still wore it sha, i now got there and saw a worker wearing skinnies, no socks, loafers and no tie) (cu over emphasizes the corporate dressing thingy sha)( and in my mind i was like ...the guy was fresh #nohomo and i was even more anxious to work there) then the guy now broke my hear t by telling me that they dont take IT it bcos u dont want to pay me, if dats d reason, i dont need the pay ooooo, i sha dont want to fail....
                       it discouraged me buh i jus had to take it, this kinda rejection actually occurs in reality(this is like training hehehe)...oooh well, i'm still looking for an IT placement..if any of y'all my readers can help me, i dont mind hehehehehe....have a wonderful month guys

Friday, February 24, 2012

lol funnies from johnny english

hahhahahaha i wish i had this kinda training
if the pics dont move, click on them, they are gifs

hahahahaha more funny stuff

lol..u know how in school when nobody is allowed to talk back at a teacher, and then some crazy person finally grabs the balls to do so....looool

when that person talks back at the teacher, everybody is like :o :

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the paradox

human emotions, darn em.......they are my limitations, they form my, fear, happiness, sadness, anger,...they limit my actions....some even have the power to lead to my self destruction( dont stress yourself i'll simplify it as suicide)
 the funny thing is....these same limitations are my fuel as a human, they drive me towards my greatest muses

how do i deal with this...stop being limited by my emtions, and harness their power fully as a fuel

lol, i got this idea for a soluton from a friend, still looking into it......"i banished all my emotion except three... love, anger, hate... i feel nothing else"
lol that's a good way to look at it yh...i think i might try this, buh i'll add happiness to this equation too..
oh well...thank u guys for being my readers, share this blog with ur friends and leave comments...thank u (^.^

In my weird attempt at poetry

...i know everything happens for a reason..u know, the good, the bad....the otherwises loool...IF ONLY I COULD KNOW WHAT THOSE REASONS WERE..
                                                     God i could be a lost prodigal son sometimes
parading thru time, not knowing what will happen to me, uncertain of a future that i want to be bright.(DUH, who doesnt want that)....again everything happens for a reason....meaning there can be no coincidences...can there? ...
if everything happens for a reason, then the theory of the big bang should be futile shouldnt it...something must have caused it..a greater existence that saw a reason for this.... a reason for a universe to be created
a reason for a blue ball  to be the only life containing planet.....
...wait i just thought of this, could a reason be a goal..i'm convined that it is...

think on that earthlings..supposing i gave sumn to think
                                         Everything happens for a this is my weird attempt at poetry

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

llooolll, my random funny musings \\(^.^)//

hey readers....jus my random musings for y;a'll to see

you know whats better than a piece of fried chicken.....


.....its weird but its there....buh i'll start from here,...since i was a kid i never understood people's fascination with music, it didnt make sense to me, i didnt like songs, i didnt want to sing...(occasionally i'd dance if i was not held back by my fear or shyness), but songs where not my thing and i couldnt figure out why
    my friends at my age would listen to rap, love songs and crappy crap as I termed them, i jus wantd to draw and watch cartoons, dats all i and i still do, i'm just lazy X_x
   buh the strangest thing started happening....i started understanding music...and it wasnt the words in was the beat that came out of mind, my body, my soul would not gravitate towards a song if the beats didnt make the cells in my body move and from there i would jus know the lyrics to the song without even thinking, my mind wasnt on the song it was on the calculated waves and pulses created to make the beats....from the beats i could make every sound made in the song at the right buh i'm not human hehehehehehe looool
    This led to my addiction in a particular music genre...ROCK...yes rock..heavy metal, soft metal, metallica...anything rock...and why was this, the beats in rock songs were like cocaine or weed to me...they cleared my head...made time fly and gave me weird i could crush a building with a single punch.......this could be odd to some pple buh honestly I CANT GO A DAY WITHOUT LISTENING TO A ROCK SONG....i'll jus b gloomy all day, dont try to form therapy for me thoughts are deep and tangled...u'll drown in dem...rock songs are d coordination to the entropy in my head...besides, the lyrics inna rock song are deep....not shallow and vain like rap and other crap....basically i love songs that dont depict vanity..buh make some real sense

Saturday, February 18, 2012

MUM'S BEADWORK...she loves doing these beads

so i decided to advertise my mum's beadwork for my readers....hit me up if u see any u like and might want to get for yourself....your mum or grandmum, u know for that special gathering ( yoruba parties...weddings, naming ceremonies etc) my mum can make beads for any occasion

here are some of her works:
follow this link to see more

Friday, February 17, 2012

MY BABY : MOJOGUN :* :* :* :*

kk i guess this is long over due...and i really feel like telling y'all bout my amazing chic... mojogun or as i like to call her( with permission from her of cause) "Jay"
   I remember when i first saw her tho .... i was in jss3 jasper in dansol high school... i think it was agric class or fine art class...yh it was agric class, she came in with Oyinkan dinyo...the two of them came from vivian fowler. Oyinkan ended up in jss3 jasper, my class and jay wound up in sapphire (in dhs we have jasper, sapphire , emerald, topaz and ruby).
 yh, d first time i saw her... i was like woooow, who's dat babe ( along with like 15 other guys in class) lol and den i instantly gave up bcos in secondary school i had a serious case of low self-esteem....i gave up bcos i didnt believe i could get her( to me it was a very long shot).
so it went on like dat wif me crushing on this babe till ss3( yes ss3, i was dat lame x_x) when my friends decided to help me out a lil..or a lot lol thanks kummy and segun yh we started goin out in ss3,,,and its bn amazing ever since........
   Jay is my hero....she's a really outgoing, fun loving, unpredictable loose cannon with d cutest smile and laugh....her eyes OMG......i love dem sooooo much tres mucho grande ...and any other language u wanna use....she's crazy understanding, she's stubborn matches my stubbornness...she could be insecure sometimes...and what i love most about her is her hidden shyness and quietness..and how she hides it all in dat lively bubble of a personality...i go crazy erytime i think of the fact that i'm the only one (besides her mom and sis) dat she has revealed this to.... (oh yh, dont think bcos i told u guys this dat u'll get to see it... this is a sexy part of her that i get to see when we cuddle :p loool)
   yh..i have to admit, we've had our arguments and disagreements...buh hey...u actually need this kinda stuff to learn more bout ur partners dont u?.....oh well...those were some interesting fights and the longest one was like 2 wks long..and i did d most horrible thing, i didnt trust her...i really hate myself for that period in our relationship.
       yh our relationship will be 3 yrs on my birthday, romantic huh?... n i've had so much fun
LOVE U TRES MUCHO JAY........ :* :* :* :*