Sunday, May 20, 2012

random typing blah blah

i dont have much motivation to do things on my own, evrything gets boring to me, pleasure is fleeting, why chase it when it's only going to disappear from ur clutches as soon as its over, leaving nothing but memory traces that fade eventually. lol we end up toying with our emotions ourselves, driving it into a frenzied rollercoaster ride up, down and around

I remember telling myself that the worst thing that could happen is that i die.....tall words, if only my actions matched my words, i'm too laid back to be motivated.

you know that awkward moment when u waste a day... then u go to bed feeling sorry for urself and then u tell urself that u'll be productive the next day... then the next day..loool, u do the same thing all over again hahaha, happens to this boy a lot

oh well, one thing that helps me sleep well at night...the thought that i was the reason behind someone's smile during the day...dont care how.... twitter, facebook, tumblr, my blog, reality, etc

iono i think i jus basically feel happy when i make others happy :) oh well

*sigh* i'm just writing randomly..i should go to bed, i have work tomorrow

sayonara readers :* :*

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