Sunday, April 22, 2012


  *teleports in*
hey yo earthlings..... :D no wait..i really need to stop an american scientist might read this and send some soldiers or sumn...(not that i'm scared.. dat i'll be caught, i'm scared that they'll become my slaves thanks to my awesomeness B-| )
  oh well...i'm soooo happy, my birthday was yesterday...and i got a lot of birthday pleasantries, i felt so popular ...( blushing, yes i'm vain for d popularity bit, buh i'm not like those dat'll kill for it, i'll jus take it as it comes, one friend at a time).....thanks to those of u that wished me a happy birthday, i appreciate it so much....u guys made my seriously...that was all i needed....i even got from pple i didnt know personally (twitter and all) i love allll u seriously, i do
  yesterday got me thinking tho.......i'm nineteen n i have a goal...i want to change the nineteen i felt like i was wasting my time, that there was nothing i'd b able to do to change it..buh all those birthday wishes made me feel like i actually was making progress..
it got me thinking *that saying was actually true*  if u want to change the world, begin with ursefl.....if u do that, u'll eventually affect those around u, dat'll make dem change those around them which will create a chain of changes...pretty cool aint it :D
    how dyu do this?  make a friend at a time...and not jus for friendship sake or popularity sake buh because u want to make a difference in their make them better make them smile when u're around and miss u when u aint there....pple u can call bros or sisters or whatever...pple that u can know what they're thinking without them saying anything..... i have pple like we laugh at d same jokes and dudes and babes...

basically, i love my friends...and i dont mind changing the world by making them happy.....

sorry i cant upload pics of all my friends, buh u guys know urselves :* :* :* :*

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