Monday, April 23, 2012

passport dilemma

loooool...u ever wonder how no matter how cute or beautiful someone is, earthling passports always finds a way to make them look ugly...hahahaha, that dont happen on my planet .... nah bro, our passpors are keewwwwlllllllll (thats cool)

oh well, lemme show u some me if u find this offensive...i actually stole these passports from a confidential source....
u see the difference....we on nnayaea are allowed to make cool poses from chest level and up...humans arent (>_<) downer
looool dont mind me tho, i'm jus messing around...the coolest passport to me tho is the baby one
LMAOOOOO, "you drink milk...out of glass???!!!


  1. Hahahhahhah ! ikr... If dat's ur planet's passport, i think imma be an alien ! LOL !

  2. loool bournvita...dont worry, u can become a nnayaian too, i'll abduct u....

  3. Really !! Wow !!! Pls do !!! :-O