Tuesday, March 6, 2012

sorry for keeping y'all waiting

wow...its been a while since my last post.....my bad X_X.......lol iwas actually too lazy to come up with anything to write heheheh (what...dont judge me jor, like we all dont have our lazy moments)....oh well,
          My uni(cu or covenant uni ) has resumed for its second semester and most students have returned for another season of learning, boredom and ooohhh well, light tyranny...the rest of us, quite lucky, dont have to resume because.....u guessed it, we're on IT (industrial training for those of u who dont know). yup....six months away from school..this is the longest i have ever been away from school in my life.......oh well, IT isnt its own walk in the park either, we have to looks for job placements...and work....the sad part of mine is, i still havent found a job yet :'( (i'm busy lazying about at home while my mates are working) see my life smh @ myself
             omo buh job search is tedious tho....., i remember last friday....when i went to drop my IT letter at a certain company...after biking...trekking and sweating...(and it was actually a fun experience cuz it was my first time biking on the island) i now got there and d guy..(oh and side note..when i was goin, momc was like i should not wear  skinnies to look for a job. and i looked great in what i was wearing, i actually still wore it sha, i now got there and saw a worker wearing skinnies, no socks, loafers and no tie) (cu over emphasizes the corporate dressing thingy sha)( and in my mind i was like ...the guy was fresh #nohomo and i was even more anxious to work there) then the guy now broke my hear t by telling me that they dont take IT students...rubbish..is it bcos u dont want to pay me, if dats d reason, i dont need the pay ooooo, i sha dont want to fail....
                       it discouraged me buh i jus had to take it, this kinda rejection actually occurs in reality(this is like training hehehe)...oooh well, i'm still looking for an IT placement..if any of y'all my readers can help me, i dont mind hehehehehe....have a wonderful month guys

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