Friday, February 17, 2012

MY BABY : MOJOGUN :* :* :* :*

kk i guess this is long over due...and i really feel like telling y'all bout my amazing chic... mojogun or as i like to call her( with permission from her of cause) "Jay"
   I remember when i first saw her tho .... i was in jss3 jasper in dansol high school... i think it was agric class or fine art class...yh it was agric class, she came in with Oyinkan dinyo...the two of them came from vivian fowler. Oyinkan ended up in jss3 jasper, my class and jay wound up in sapphire (in dhs we have jasper, sapphire , emerald, topaz and ruby).
 yh, d first time i saw her... i was like woooow, who's dat babe ( along with like 15 other guys in class) lol and den i instantly gave up bcos in secondary school i had a serious case of low self-esteem....i gave up bcos i didnt believe i could get her( to me it was a very long shot).
so it went on like dat wif me crushing on this babe till ss3( yes ss3, i was dat lame x_x) when my friends decided to help me out a lil..or a lot lol thanks kummy and segun yh we started goin out in ss3,,,and its bn amazing ever since........
   Jay is my hero....she's a really outgoing, fun loving, unpredictable loose cannon with d cutest smile and laugh....her eyes OMG......i love dem sooooo much tres mucho grande ...and any other language u wanna use....she's crazy understanding, she's stubborn matches my stubbornness...she could be insecure sometimes...and what i love most about her is her hidden shyness and quietness..and how she hides it all in dat lively bubble of a personality...i go crazy erytime i think of the fact that i'm the only one (besides her mom and sis) dat she has revealed this to.... (oh yh, dont think bcos i told u guys this dat u'll get to see it... this is a sexy part of her that i get to see when we cuddle :p loool)
   yh..i have to admit, we've had our arguments and disagreements...buh hey...u actually need this kinda stuff to learn more bout ur partners dont u?.....oh well...those were some interesting fights and the longest one was like 2 wks long..and i did d most horrible thing, i didnt trust her...i really hate myself for that period in our relationship.
       yh our relationship will be 3 yrs on my birthday, romantic huh?... n i've had so much fun
LOVE U TRES MUCHO JAY........ :* :* :* :*


  1. Aww it was as if I was reading some romance novel. Congrats!!! God bless. I pray you guys get to spend more years together (eternity!!!)

  2. Awwww !!! I am tres jealous ATM !!! Congratulations tho. This is soo, I dunno, cool, I guess ^_^