Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lol, i havent written in ages...... nufn..not my usual rants or even my nnayaian fictions its been a month since my last post..( maybe more) not on here tho, on my blogspot page .
oh well it was writer's block for a while then it just became sheer laziness (._. ), because for a while i've had various muses
      Decided i'll write on disappointments... since well, basically for the past 2 months that's all i've been facing, nothing works the way i want them to, i'm not getting the replies i want...*sigh*..... like this one time i wanted to see this chic that lives close to my office....she always had one excuse or sumn sha.....maybe its cuz i'm ugly ('_' ) , lol...was stood up like 5 the space of two weeks...and then there's my parents that  say no when i ask for sumn...oh well *moving on*
      apparently disappointments can't be avoided....its an annoying part of life 8-/ so basically the key is learning how to live with it.... i know the pain of disappointment..its kinna depressing really, and tiring especially to a laid back person like me who isnt the too much effort kinna it hurts when i do put in effort and get squat out of it. it gets to a point where you ask yourself if its worth it and you start over thinking. it ends up becoming self inflicted depression.
so searching within myself i realized moping wasnt the answer, it wont make things better, the best thing to do is to HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE TOWARDS LIFE .. pick yourself up, dust yourself, learn from your mistakes and move on..... at some point you'll eventually get what you want (^.^) 
basically just remember...all things work together for our good, whether its positive or negative :* :* 

a weekend's horrible end

this weekend wasnt the best of weekends for Nigerians, the tragedies and the lives lost :( its actually so sad...and then trying to capture the last moments of the deceased in my head...i can only wonder what their last words could have been, their last thoughts.........then moving back some hours later, or minutes, back to when they would have been unaware that their deaths were at hand