Thursday, May 17, 2012

wheel barrow full of money

hey there earthlings....*dusting blog and cleaning cob webs*
yeeehhh hehehe, its been a while since my last post....i've been crazy tired cos of work and all x_x
but i'm here now, i'm actually putting this post up from work :p
wait chill a bit *covers laptop screen from boss* .........
okay he's gone *phew*

okay so the reason for this post is because of the issue of the new 2000 and 5000 naira notes.. -____-
i have a huge issue with those notes, sometimes i wonder if the people in the seat of power in this part of ur planet use their heads when making decisions....or they make decisions from their stomachs.

lol i can just imagine holding a 5000naira note, the moment i drop it to pay for sumn, that money is gone
or just imagine if nobody has change -___-
i go to the market to buy sumn

me: good afternoon i want to buy that bowl of fruits

merchant: okay sir that'll be 200 naira

le me holding only my 5000 naira note

me: *brings out money* do you have change for 5000 naira (loool)

merchant: no sir i will owe u change

me: -__- i'll jus go hungry nigg

looool or or u have only 5000 and u want to board an okada (bike)
me: okada, i dey go this bus stop u fit drop me for there?

bikeman: yes sir no problem

me: how much u go take?

bikeman: 50 naira sir... (loool, you know what happens next bah?)

me : haa, make i do christmas for u, take 100 naira sef

bikeman: *wide grin* no p sir oya make we go

me: brings out 5000, shae u get change sha?

bikeman: haa!! 5000? sir u go jus take 4500, give me 500 ni

me: ole ni e, commot jare kmt...i go jus trek am -__-

lmao i jus had to imagine these two scenarios in my head..newaiz i pray our country doesnt reach d stage where we'll carry a wheel barrow full of money to buy bread and egg sha ijn amen

if u have any comments or opinions please drop them, thaaaankkssss


  1. Lmao! This is funny AH! Nicely thought out. We can only pray I reckon. Smh. Nigeria!

  2. Lmao! Funny AH! Nicely thought out. We can only pray I reckon. Smh. Nigeria!