Tuesday, February 21, 2012


.....its weird but its there....buh i'll start from here,...since i was a kid i never understood people's fascination with music, it didnt make sense to me, i didnt like songs, i didnt want to sing...(occasionally i'd dance if i was not held back by my fear or shyness), but songs where not my thing and i couldnt figure out why
    my friends at my age would listen to rap, love songs and crappy crap as I termed them, i jus wantd to draw and watch cartoons, dats all i loved..lol and i still do, i'm just lazy X_x
   buh the strangest thing started happening....i started understanding music...and it wasnt the words in them....it was the beat that came out of them......my mind, my body, my soul would not gravitate towards a song if the beats didnt make the cells in my body move and from there i would jus know the lyrics to the song without even thinking, my mind wasnt on the song it was on the calculated waves and pulses created to make the beats....from the beats i could make every sound made in the song at the right time...weird...lol buh i'm not human hehehehehehe looool
    This led to my addiction in a particular music genre...ROCK...yes rock..heavy metal, soft metal, metallica...anything rock...and why was this, the beats in rock songs were like cocaine or weed to me...they cleared my head...made time fly and gave me weird energy...like i could crush a building with a single punch.......this could be odd to some pple buh honestly I CANT GO A DAY WITHOUT LISTENING TO A ROCK SONG....i'll jus b gloomy all day long....lol, dont try to form therapy for me tho....my thoughts are deep and tangled...u'll drown in dem...rock songs are d coordination to the entropy in my head...besides, the lyrics inna rock song are deep....not shallow and vain like rap and other crap....basically i love songs that dont depict vanity..buh make some real sense

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