Friday, February 24, 2012

lol funnies from johnny english

hahhahahaha i wish i had this kinda training
if the pics dont move, click on them, they are gifs

hahahahaha more funny stuff

lol..u know how in school when nobody is allowed to talk back at a teacher, and then some crazy person finally grabs the balls to do so....looool

when that person talks back at the teacher, everybody is like :o :

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the paradox

human emotions, darn em.......they are my limitations, they form my, fear, happiness, sadness, anger,...they limit my actions....some even have the power to lead to my self destruction( dont stress yourself i'll simplify it as suicide)
 the funny thing is....these same limitations are my fuel as a human, they drive me towards my greatest muses

how do i deal with this...stop being limited by my emtions, and harness their power fully as a fuel

lol, i got this idea for a soluton from a friend, still looking into it......"i banished all my emotion except three... love, anger, hate... i feel nothing else"
lol that's a good way to look at it yh...i think i might try this, buh i'll add happiness to this equation too..
oh well...thank u guys for being my readers, share this blog with ur friends and leave comments...thank u (^.^

In my weird attempt at poetry

...i know everything happens for a reason..u know, the good, the bad....the otherwises loool...IF ONLY I COULD KNOW WHAT THOSE REASONS WERE..
                                                     God i could be a lost prodigal son sometimes
parading thru time, not knowing what will happen to me, uncertain of a future that i want to be bright.(DUH, who doesnt want that)....again everything happens for a reason....meaning there can be no coincidences...can there? ...
if everything happens for a reason, then the theory of the big bang should be futile shouldnt it...something must have caused it..a greater existence that saw a reason for this.... a reason for a universe to be created
a reason for a blue ball  to be the only life containing planet.....
...wait i just thought of this, could a reason be a goal..i'm convined that it is...

think on that earthlings..supposing i gave sumn to think
                                         Everything happens for a this is my weird attempt at poetry

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

llooolll, my random funny musings \\(^.^)//

hey readers....jus my random musings for y;a'll to see

you know whats better than a piece of fried chicken.....


.....its weird but its there....buh i'll start from here,...since i was a kid i never understood people's fascination with music, it didnt make sense to me, i didnt like songs, i didnt want to sing...(occasionally i'd dance if i was not held back by my fear or shyness), but songs where not my thing and i couldnt figure out why
    my friends at my age would listen to rap, love songs and crappy crap as I termed them, i jus wantd to draw and watch cartoons, dats all i and i still do, i'm just lazy X_x
   buh the strangest thing started happening....i started understanding music...and it wasnt the words in was the beat that came out of mind, my body, my soul would not gravitate towards a song if the beats didnt make the cells in my body move and from there i would jus know the lyrics to the song without even thinking, my mind wasnt on the song it was on the calculated waves and pulses created to make the beats....from the beats i could make every sound made in the song at the right buh i'm not human hehehehehehe looool
    This led to my addiction in a particular music genre...ROCK...yes rock..heavy metal, soft metal, metallica...anything rock...and why was this, the beats in rock songs were like cocaine or weed to me...they cleared my head...made time fly and gave me weird i could crush a building with a single punch.......this could be odd to some pple buh honestly I CANT GO A DAY WITHOUT LISTENING TO A ROCK SONG....i'll jus b gloomy all day, dont try to form therapy for me thoughts are deep and tangled...u'll drown in dem...rock songs are d coordination to the entropy in my head...besides, the lyrics inna rock song are deep....not shallow and vain like rap and other crap....basically i love songs that dont depict vanity..buh make some real sense

Saturday, February 18, 2012

MUM'S BEADWORK...she loves doing these beads

so i decided to advertise my mum's beadwork for my readers....hit me up if u see any u like and might want to get for yourself....your mum or grandmum, u know for that special gathering ( yoruba parties...weddings, naming ceremonies etc) my mum can make beads for any occasion

here are some of her works:
follow this link to see more

Friday, February 17, 2012

MY BABY : MOJOGUN :* :* :* :*

kk i guess this is long over due...and i really feel like telling y'all bout my amazing chic... mojogun or as i like to call her( with permission from her of cause) "Jay"
   I remember when i first saw her tho .... i was in jss3 jasper in dansol high school... i think it was agric class or fine art class...yh it was agric class, she came in with Oyinkan dinyo...the two of them came from vivian fowler. Oyinkan ended up in jss3 jasper, my class and jay wound up in sapphire (in dhs we have jasper, sapphire , emerald, topaz and ruby).
 yh, d first time i saw her... i was like woooow, who's dat babe ( along with like 15 other guys in class) lol and den i instantly gave up bcos in secondary school i had a serious case of low self-esteem....i gave up bcos i didnt believe i could get her( to me it was a very long shot).
so it went on like dat wif me crushing on this babe till ss3( yes ss3, i was dat lame x_x) when my friends decided to help me out a lil..or a lot lol thanks kummy and segun yh we started goin out in ss3,,,and its bn amazing ever since........
   Jay is my hero....she's a really outgoing, fun loving, unpredictable loose cannon with d cutest smile and laugh....her eyes OMG......i love dem sooooo much tres mucho grande ...and any other language u wanna use....she's crazy understanding, she's stubborn matches my stubbornness...she could be insecure sometimes...and what i love most about her is her hidden shyness and quietness..and how she hides it all in dat lively bubble of a personality...i go crazy erytime i think of the fact that i'm the only one (besides her mom and sis) dat she has revealed this to.... (oh yh, dont think bcos i told u guys this dat u'll get to see it... this is a sexy part of her that i get to see when we cuddle :p loool)
   yh..i have to admit, we've had our arguments and disagreements...buh hey...u actually need this kinda stuff to learn more bout ur partners dont u?.....oh well...those were some interesting fights and the longest one was like 2 wks long..and i did d most horrible thing, i didnt trust her...i really hate myself for that period in our relationship.
       yh our relationship will be 3 yrs on my birthday, romantic huh?... n i've had so much fun
LOVE U TRES MUCHO JAY........ :* :* :* :*

Monday, February 13, 2012


hey...this is a lil article i took off my tumblr blog bout valentines, its by a friend....twitter name @stephanyhenshaw ...u guys should check it out
Valentines Day!
February has been the month to celebrate love ever since the Middle Ages.
History of Valentines Day - Symbols of the Day
Even though the history of Valentines Day is unclear, it has become one of the most popular holidays among lovers and florists! The common symbols of Valentine’s Day in this era are cupids, hearts, roses, teddy bears, and words of adoration. Children exchange valentine cards decorated with current comic and cartoon icons. Adults have continued this tradition of card giving which makes this day, behind Christmas, the second largest card-sending holiday of the year.
Cupids with bows and arrows represent Roman mythology. Cupid was the son of Venus, the goddess of love. The shot of the arrow would strike the unsuspecting desired person or god, making him fall in love.
History of Valentines Day – Finding True Love
The history of Valentine’s Day began in the era of courtly traditions. The stories of how women were wooed by grand gestures of gallantry flourish in romance novels of today. We all wish to be desired — to be loved and accepted.
God has met this need through the most loving act ever done in the history of the world. God loved us so much that He sent His son to earth to live as a man. We are separated from God due to our sin, so God provided a way for us to spend eternity with Him in heaven. In a great act of love, Jesus died on the cross as a perfect substitute for each of us. He died, was buried, and rose again. When we acknowledge His gift and accept it, He comes to guide our lives and love us as we’ve never been loved before.

weaknesses in us humans

-90% of humans are vain, if not more
-its hard for humans to stand out and do what they want bcos they're scared of what pple will think
-most humans live for now and hardly ever think ahead
-humans have a weakness of being motivated by their emotions..although it could be a useful tool or weapon, it can also cause disaster, breakdown and self-destruction
-humans always want to feel important to at least one person
- even the ones that go around announcing they dont, they care the most (yup all of u #TeamIDGAF peeps)
-humans want the truth but can stand it
-all humans r insecure and need to put their faith in sumn to make them confident
-humans are fragile, and r only as strong as their weaknesses n bonds with other humans or beings E.g animals or their gods
-the heart of a human can be/is desperately wicked
-humans generally seek approval from sumn or someone
- some humans tend to hide their pain behind i believe these ones live longer
-most human actions today are influenced by  others/society/the media
- ur thoughts right now are probably being influenced by this article
-humans dont have opinions of their own, they say their opinions reflect what they believe, but what they believe was giving to dem by society, friends, family, parents, religion etc.


yh, yh, yh, its your boy namex the humorous....a close G of mine( u guys should know that i famz a lot)
an aspiring MC and VJ, started with stand up comedy,,loool, i remember those school night and variety nights dat he performed
He's always happy when pple are happy..he's a 300lvl student in covenant university, he loves crazy pple, having fun and looking good
friends wif the popular slasha of dynamix, a CU graduate, he looks up to IK"wild child" osakioduwa
illrhymez, emma and basket mouth....this niggy started comedy at d age 15, now dats a young lad dat knows his dream
but started mc-ing 2011
he calls himself the youngest nigerian MC
his dream "i really want to make an impact onthis entertainment ish in nigeria....God willing, in no time i'll be anchoring BBA, IDOLS and GRAMMYS"
thats a dream right there folks...lets help him reach it dont u think
he's giving a shoutout to gerald milton....(blogged bout him earlier) and ebiye
y'all should watch out for this dude...he's gonna make it big ijn
i'll upload some of his funny posts to u guys later...this guy always baptizing my phone with humourous stuff looooooool
oh yh, follow him on twitter @namexjnr


teenagers making funny videos of an awkward cinnamon challenge.... i think the point of the whole thingy is for them to swallow a full teaspoon of cinnamon...X_X thats gotta be tough..follow this link to watch and laugh, for noooo apparent reason looool...tis really funny
cinnamon epic fails


yaaaaaaaaaaay, i feel so happy, i've gotten up to a thousand views on my blog, u guys should keep posted and keep reading...and pls pls pls, try to drop ur comments, i really like feedback (._. )

Sunday, February 12, 2012

nominees for the grammys

hmmmmn....nigerians....this is a monday moooorrrnnnniiiinnggg ooooooo, instead of una to sleep you are all up watching the grammys, newaiz i trust u guys, u'll create special public holiday for yourselves.

looool, anyways this is a link to view all the nominees for the grammys...they're quite much so i cant type them all but...i'll narrow out the winners later

pictures of the grammy


hahaha the grammys for this year..... ^_^ i havent honestly seen any body with crappy dressing tho....apart from wiz and amber, buh anyways, thats their style soooo i wont knock it....hoping to be able to get pictures to upload for y'all to see tho...buh for now
i'm in love with what fergie and katie perry are in....bold styles with the see thru dresses....looool buh i woulda preferred fergie's if she wore a you a make sense underwear u know, not those grandma like black thingys she was wearing..........wait a that...yes it is

hold d phone, nicki minaj just stepped in....and dis is disgusting, whats with the pope....she looks beautiful tho buh sersly...looks like she went to a wedding and hustled table cloths and sew dem LMAAAOOOOOOO...definitely the neck breaker for this year
john legend's suit was awesome....gonna joc that soon
rihanna looks simple, looooove the black dress...hmmmn maybe i'll change my mind bout her *considering*...she even won a grammy <3
jessie j :'( u have disappointed me....u're wearing a flipping disco *sigh*

kk dats all i have for the red carpet....i'll get more pictures to upload for u guys
tata for now

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fatunbi Tiwatayo

looool, kk i hope jay wont kill me for this, buh here goes:
out of random joblessness and the fact that i have been checking these pictures out since morning, i decided why not just blog on this
Moyo, Tiwatayo, Uyaiabasi(lol she gave herself that) Fatunbi..... a very close friend of mine...(this is partly famz
she currently wants to be ushers baybay looool *yimu ooooo* (she's gonna cut my head off)(she's even currently listening to an usher song on my bbm sef) its not by that oooo hehehe *running away*
buh check this pictures out sha....she's like TOO DAMN FINE...*pls dont drool on your keyboards*

see what i was talking bout....hmmmnnn dis is unnatural oooo moyo is there some kinda ish u're using...lemme use too n become handsome ooooo...n pls dont ask me for her contacts.. buh u can follow her on twitter @myatunbi she's real nice and friendly... ;)
later guys.(^.^


hey's eryone this fine evening....(lol apart from those in another time zone) (^.^ ...kk rigth now i jus want to make a shoutout to a friend of mine (also my coursemate) @geraldmilton
he's a cool to be around...crazy, easy going cool-headed guy...
just wanted to advertise a magazine...that's gonna be released tomorrow
it promises to be a good read, and gerald keeps his promises... everyone should get a copy of this magazine to witness gerald's interview

y'all should go and get ur copies tomorrow

Monday, February 6, 2012

BB PORSCHE- i hope i got d spelling apologies to all my readers.....i haven't been able to put up any posts because i had and for those of u that asked, they were awesome(maybe i might jus put my result online) *yimu*
newaiz i'm jus sitting down in the living room listening to rock songs( linkin park n rise against), surfin the web....( -__-) oh wait!!!!!...
i was gonna do an article on that new blackberry.... make i use d technical BB p'9981 the black berry phone for big boys......or girl...(u get the point sha)
its has a silver metallic casing and was finished wif black leather.... its quite slim too
weeeelllllll, this phone wasnt made for jus anybody, even d pin is a testimony to dis fact.... the pins of all bb porsche phones all start with a 'p' at the beginning....( so i no fit pretend say i get bb porsche to set p again *sigh*)
yh...the price of this phone is------- *drumroll* 450k
lol...when i'm not pingin jesus with the phone....omo i no get money to waste sha(loool all this one i'm saying na wash sha, if i can hold dat kinda money ehn...i go buy like ten sef) buh till then sha, S/O to myself, God go make me biggererer looool
for u guys out there...ladies included...if u want to show ur partners u love em, get em one of these .....

lol thats all i have for now.... till next ^.^)