Friday, April 20, 2012

I AM NNAYAIAN (1) : The Beginning

kk, hello there earthlings....yh...i'll jus fill u guys in on my secret adventures on this planet

2:30 AM
 His eyes snap open as his heart beat races wildly....he sits up in his bed and notices, all his senses were heightened, i could hear his thoughts (duuuh, i'm him lol) * so it wasn't a dream he thought*
      He had finally gained consciousness of me,  his trueself...histories of his planet, our planet, crashed into his dreams, teaching him in an instant all he needed to know(basically, average knowledge, from an average nnayaian student on our planet *earth's kanye's shrug*) ......He got up from his bed and went into th ebathroom to look at himself in the mirror.....he noticed his eyes were green....normally he would have been freaked out, buh he knows now so he jus keeps staring at us in the mirror...(weirdo).

              *Sigh* now my eyes are green....TF am i gonna do with this tho, i know, i'll jus tell everyone i got new contacts...newaiz i look cool with them....i'm gorge :* :* ...... okay now, so basically, from the memories in my dream, i can't fly, buh i'm not confined by the full effects of gravity, and *does a 720 degree back flip* AWWEEEESSOOOMMMEEEE..... hhahaah now ope wont come and start showing off in my face :p ....what else can i do?.... oh speed is increased, sumn they call Flash jump back on nnayaea.....buh i'm pretty sure i wont be that good at it, i have to work on it. I'll probably become a super hero now.... nah bro...i'll jus be me, that super hero stuff is such a cliche'

i cant sleep brain is jus scanning thru everything.... (._. ) as if it wasnt bad enough that i thought too much when i assumed i was still a human, now with my heightened senses..*sigh* i'll jus hang out on the roof for a bit *goes outside the house and takes a huge leap and lands on the roof* THUD ....whoops, i hope that didnt wake mum up
          so what am i gonna do on this planet now?.......staring thru these eyes, erything seems a bit clearer to me now... i see patterns in everything, EVEN IN RANDOMNESS I SEE PATTERNS. looks like my life has started a new adventure
          Staring off in the night with his new eyes....uche realizes, things aint gonna be the same again...
I realize, things are gonna be different... Uche the

LOL, guys tell me what u think of this first post...pls, i'd really love to see comments

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  1. More!!! I love it and David you got a good sense of humour. I love that the story was childish and engrossing. You do write well. Btw dnt keep me waiting and now it is very clear that someone abides in the world of fantasies