Monday, March 12, 2012

lol beauty in the eyes of this beholder

hey there again, earthlings *cough* cough* i mean readers x_x
(i cant let my secret alien identity out..or scientist will probe me)
   ..........that aside, i just felt like putting down what i saw as my criteria....note this is my own opinion, feel free to comment with yours, i would defo love to hear from my readers
kk so beauty in my eyes
lol first of, what attracts me to a girl first is her, i'm a sucker for cute eyes and my definition of cute eyes are not eyes like mine loool, mine are too small (makes me look like i'm sleeping or high x_x)
i like girls if big eye balls..or moderate...den another thing is if her eyes have like darkened edges, like d smokey eyed thing.....omg i'll be hypnotized...buh what gets to me most is natural eye colour diff from d normal brown eyes...luckily my gf has it...( makes me go crazy erytime i look in em)..she has light brown eyes and they're awesome
kk also i'm dead for cute lips....not big ones like mine again.....loooool x_x, moderate or small and pink and gf's lips are jus perfect thank u very much :p
then i love long hair...natural..or whatever..i jus like seeing hair dropping...its hot to me
lol and lastly, unlike most guys...boob or ass size dont move me.....buh baby's ones are cool :D (i'm not being naughty, i'm jus stating the obvious so :p)
  oh well so thats jus my opinion sha...feel free to give urs