Thursday, February 23, 2012

In my weird attempt at poetry

...i know everything happens for a reason..u know, the good, the bad....the otherwises loool...IF ONLY I COULD KNOW WHAT THOSE REASONS WERE..
                                                     God i could be a lost prodigal son sometimes
parading thru time, not knowing what will happen to me, uncertain of a future that i want to be bright.(DUH, who doesnt want that)....again everything happens for a reason....meaning there can be no coincidences...can there? ...
if everything happens for a reason, then the theory of the big bang should be futile shouldnt it...something must have caused it..a greater existence that saw a reason for this.... a reason for a universe to be created
a reason for a blue ball  to be the only life containing planet.....
...wait i just thought of this, could a reason be a goal..i'm convined that it is...

think on that earthlings..supposing i gave sumn to think
                                         Everything happens for a this is my weird attempt at poetry

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