Monday, March 26, 2012

Young Earthling minds1

...hello readers, how are u guys today.....hope y'all are day was boring...didnt really do much at the i jus stared at the sealing imagining i was a ninja in naruto and i was forming hand seals...looooool x__x

      oh well....wanted to put up this article...i read it and i loved it......makes me feel like there is hope for humans after all(so my planet wont blow u guys up (^.^) )....basically i love interacting with people that dont have shallow mind i  feel intrigued when i see knowlegdeable earthlings....
           this one is by my was originally for her assignment in school, buh i liked it and i told her to let me upload it......u guys enjoy ur read :')
Who am I? I am not totally sure about this question; I am still faced with the challenge of what to wear every morning, but in the course of answering this question I hope it serves as a directive or foundation to self-discovery.
My name is Ajoku Oluwafunmito Onyx, I am female, I am seventeen, I am the first girl and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. I am 5.ft. I come from a very large family and I am also the second child of five. I stay with my parents and extended family most of the time. This experience has exposed me to all sorts of characters. The fact that I am a product of an inter-marriage also has an effect on my morals and my character. I consider myself an introvert with extrovert tendencies, which could be attributed to my not so independent life. I basically have everything I need handed to me without much work. I assume it is because I was brought up in a home where I am not allowed out of the house recklessly. I am shy but if pushed to do something would do it to almost perfection with my knees shaking and teeth clattering. I also consider myself choleric with a bit of melancholic and phlegmatic characteristics, I could be very strong headed, I presume it is because I am principled and most times not one to go against my morals and beliefs.
I enjoy writing, even if most times it’s a way to release negative energy, I love singing and listening to music. It’s also a stress reliever for me. I love eating and reading also, but I sleep a lot. I came to the conclusion that if I slept more hours in a day, I wouldn’t have time to think about troublesome things and get sad. It’s a pathetic theory but I live it like a religion. I have a very crazy sense of humour. I brag a lot, consciously or unconsciously, I feel the need to show off, a characteristic I am not proud of. I laugh at almost everything and anything. Sometimes, for no reason at all. I am indifferent to school and education but I believe it’s a requirement if I want to go far in life. I believe in God and respect religion but sometimes I have my doubts. I love solitude but hate being lonely. I have an interest in homeless children. I feel no child should have to suffer because they didn’t ask to be born. Someday, I intend to have a school particularly for kids on the street who need to discover themselves.
I am practical and rational, probably to a fault. I find it difficult to step out of my comfort zone, I prefer looking deeper into the box than exploring outside the boundaries of the box, and that kind of helps me stick to my values and principles. I hold the truth in high esteem, even if it’s hard sometimes to live by that. I am also attracted to humility, I really don’t appreciate bullies. I don’t mean depriving someone of food or something, but when a person with more charisma and influence forces a weaker person to do things they wouldn’t normally do. In other words, I hate peer pressure. I hate cheats because they seem to get everything without lifting a finger. I could probably compose a write up the size of an encyclopaedia on my likes and dislikes because it’s a variable to me. I don’t hate or like things without them affecting me directly.
I sing pretty well. I have been told I have good writing skills, especially lyric wise but I doubt those abilities. I’m really good at craft, I am ‘’anti-sports’’, but I learn fast so I would consider changing that about myself. I have a way with kids, but I get easily angered and frustrated.
I am currently in 100 level at Covenant University. I really haven’t accomplished much, but I am working on it. I have so many dreams and aspirations; some might even consider them to be castles in the air. I have not started my journey to accomplish these dreams. They are just pen marks on the back of several of my books at the moment. To be able to realise these dreams, I would have to let go of my affinity to indecision because it is a major barrier for me.
In conclusion, I consider my life, me, a paradox, because I believe in one thing but in reality I do the opposite. In the beginning,. I wrote ‘’I am not totally sure about this question…’’. The truth is, somehow, we all know who we really are but because we aren’t totally happy with whom that is, we repress it. Then when we say ‘’Embarking on a self-discovery journey’’ we really mean, ‘’Embarking on a journey to find a person we really like’’. Who am I? I am still figuring this out but for now, cliché as it may sound, I am me. Whoever that is…..

i love this soooo much...i didnt even know she had this in her

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  1. Aww sweet. Yh I concur with her. We always try to hide our true know, hey the world does not have to see this because they might think me shallow. Like really who cares if they

    Erm sorry for blabbing and yh self discovery is a must. This way we can better understand ourselves. Good job Funto! She's got wisdom :)