Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Okadas, I ride that

hey guys....lol dont mind the sighing, i'm jus mega bored at work, they have absolutely nufn for me to do in this place ( -___-) , the boredom is giving me a migrain, i should have jus stayed at home and slept my brains off, oh well, i'll jus do something totally unresourceful with my time..... BLOG ABOUT OKADAS hahahahahah :D

okay okay...i hardly used to use public transport, partly because i was an over protected dweeb (._. ) and secondly because i'm not the going out kinda person (>_<), buh since i started my industrial training ( a ritual for teenage earthlings studying science) i have been forced to use them a lot ( *sigh* lol i feel this is my Earth dad's revenge on me for riding in his car for 18 years of my life, and counting hahahah) oh well i've had to use them public transports a lot to move around.. and my fave form of transport hehehe OKADAS

yes and to those of u who'll call me razz and unfresh weeelll.......

ehen, yes so lemme jus gist u, if u are a lagosian and u havent used an okada, dont call yourself a lagosian, call urself a visitor o_O (LOL, i kid)

Ah, that feeling of being on one, the wind blowing in ur face, sand and dust also,
wheezing through traffic and laughing at the cars stuck in the jam hahahah
almost being hit by cars all the time hahah

its a cool thing really, i've even become a regular customer at  a certain okada park at cms on the island, they all know me and where i want to go hehehe

although i had a really bad experience wif them okadas, i lost a trouser (may it rest in peace)

ooh well i'm done with le jobless blogging....byeeee :* :* *zooms off on okada*

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  1. Great blog! I'm laughing real loud!-Eko for show!