Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what i've been up to

     hey readers.... sorry, i admit its been a while and even my recent posts have been a tad boring.....buh i'm around again :D.....i'll try to put up my usual interesting posts (^.^)
      oh well....i jus wantd to keep u guys up to date with what i've been up to recently......kk , u guys remeber in my earler post i said i was on IT(industrial training) weeeellllllll :D i've finally gotten a job.....i'm sooo happy *azonto* *insert azonto music here* loool
   last week friday i wrote a gmat exam to be enrolled into d company and i passed....and i was called yesterday to resume work today...i was excited as ummmm i dunno sha, buh i was sha excited....newaiz since i've started work, its still possible to complete the 6 months i was supposed to do.
   so lemme gist u bout my first day at work...kk, i was introduced to every single person in the office, that alone was tiring, and my HR supervisor...beautiful miss Adetutu, kept getting d pronunciation of my surname wrong...twas kinna cute and funny...after the intro...the next order of business was like 6 hours of boredom :| as in boredom was giving me head ache.....the only bright side to all the boredom was looking at all those beautiful aunties in the building..*love struck* lol it wont be bad to hava sugar aunty (and i say aunty bcos none of em look old enough to b called sugar mummy) hahahahaha, i kid y'all, my gf will swallow my head
      oh well, i got my first assignment later in the day....seems good enough...i hope dey eventually teach me some geophysics stuff
    thats all for now guys...i'll be sure to blog more ish for u guys