Friday, April 27, 2012

I AM NNAYAIAN 2: emotions and reasoning

hello earthlings...the next episode to my earth adventures.... enjoy (^.^)

Same time as my/Uche's awakening, in a different timezone 4 hours ahead( a battle between the u.s army and some rebels)
6:30 am
 Another nnayaian...(actually the first nnayaian to arrive on earth and awaken..Earth alias: hugh carter) becomes aware of my awakening (ask me how i know this, weelllll we met so we synchronized data jus like u earthlings do with phones and laptops and shii )
BOOOOM he flash jumps just in time to escape the explosion  * appears in a half wrecked building*
phew that was close...i got distracted there for a second, i almost thought the last nnayaian would never awaken. Aah i see, his earthen alias is Uche Ajoks, apparently he was sent to be raised by nigerians..LOL very un-cliche (if thats a word lol) choice, that means i'll have to get to him sooner or later, but for now, he'll have to grow for himself, i'm kind of tied up in this battle , and we're losing
problem now is i cant mentally track the energy signals of my platoon..uche's energy readings are haywire now cuz he just awakened so its jamming theirs out. *calms down a little to try and pick up energy signals* shit shit shit, most of the guys are dead, the rest are retreating, the able bodied ones are taking the injured out of the field....but...*concentrates for more energy readings* chuck, he's still out there, and the rebels closing in on him *flash jumps*
Hugh flash jumps to Chucks coordinates (note flash jump isnt teleportation in an actual sense. nnayaians move so fast that it breaks down their molecules that moves instantly then rearranges where they want it to)...
Screw u rebels, Chuck shouts as he shoots franctically  at any and every target. *click click click* he runs out of bullets, the rebels seize the opportunity and shoots chucks legs, he screams with a voice thats send high pitched waves and hugh picks it up in his molecule state, compelling his emotions of fear and anger (fear that he is about to lose his best human friend, and anger at the rebels) which he converts into energy, driving him faster towards chucks location.
chuck falls on his knees, he reaches into his back pocket and brings out a picture which had him, his girlfriend he just proposed to and hugh behind them resting on their shoulders laughing, he laughs chuckles at the picture and allows a tear to fall and says goodbye guys ...*BANG* Chuck was shot on his forehead by a rebel.
As chuck lands on the floor, hugh materializes to witness it.....He was immediately filled with raged, buh being  nnayaian, his rage was not shown on his face, just a cold blank stare as the raged was converted spontaneously into energy, Hugh's eyes glowed , their green-ness becoming more pronounced, he could see the wave trajectory of the bullet and picked up the energy readings of the shooter and the gun, he didnt feel the need to hide, they were just mere humans, he picked his side arm from its holster on his knee, pointed it in the direction of the shooter ...gathered up energy into the gun and the tip of the bullet (nnayaians have the ability to manipulate energy, molecules and electrons, buh limited tho), then he pulled the trigger
BOOM.....The bullet did more damage than it would have ever done as a normal bullet, it caused a 5 foot explosion, the other rebels were astonished and started screaming.... Hugh smiled, he had picked up their energy reading....

done with chapter 2 *phew* pls read up and drop ur comments muah muah bye earthlings

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