Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pain and Alcohol

hey guys, how's it hanging, lol, i know i'm hardly ever posting articles nowadays, (._. ) i'm jus lazy
oh well, i got this really cool idea from my friends so i was like sure why not, its a good title
pain and alcohol

*before i start though, i dont really have much experience in this, i stopped taking alcohol since like 3 years back and also i don't think i have ever gotten drunk, got tipsy once tho*
 ok here goes

you're hurt.... you feel like the world is against u, u messed up with that girl, he broke your heart, you lost the contract, all your money gone, your house got burnt, lost your job, your life is a mess, the world itself, the very ground you walk on hates you,

 you need an escape
you need to get out
throw your pain into a bottle, and let the alcoholic substance wash away ur pain with its heat that rushes into your gut and lightens your senses, releasing you from the troubles of this world.... you eventually find a bottle.
first shot, second shot
ooooooh fuck the shots, gimme the whole damn bottle..... *gulps*. You're gone, your mind has been released.....trouble?, is that even a word..hahahahah  u're drunk and everything is now a blur

*blacks out*

sadly the escape is just for the moment......... you wake up, you meet a new pain, your head is pounding and your world is spinning, you're dizzy.

vweennnn *argh the head ache*

aspirin, advil, panadol, anything :(

which gives the most pain, the pain before the alcohol?, the hangover and its the memory of the reason why you wanted to escape and the harsh reality that you couldnt esacpe, the depression, the shame, the fear of not knowing what you did while you were drunk, its crazy....
 you're just gona pick yourself up, gather whats left of your pride and try to fix things, oooor, you could just go back to the bottle, that works too.

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