Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Okadas, I ride that

hey guys....lol dont mind the sighing, i'm jus mega bored at work, they have absolutely nufn for me to do in this place ( -___-) , the boredom is giving me a migrain, i should have jus stayed at home and slept my brains off, oh well, i'll jus do something totally unresourceful with my time..... BLOG ABOUT OKADAS hahahahahah :D

okay okay...i hardly used to use public transport, partly because i was an over protected dweeb (._. ) and secondly because i'm not the going out kinda person (>_<), buh since i started my industrial training ( a ritual for teenage earthlings studying science) i have been forced to use them a lot ( *sigh* lol i feel this is my Earth dad's revenge on me for riding in his car for 18 years of my life, and counting hahahah) oh well i've had to use them public transports a lot to move around.. and my fave form of transport hehehe OKADAS

yes and to those of u who'll call me razz and unfresh weeelll.......

ehen, yes so lemme jus gist u, if u are a lagosian and u havent used an okada, dont call yourself a lagosian, call urself a visitor o_O (LOL, i kid)

Ah, that feeling of being on one, the wind blowing in ur face, sand and dust also,
wheezing through traffic and laughing at the cars stuck in the jam hahahah
almost being hit by cars all the time hahah

its a cool thing really, i've even become a regular customer at  a certain okada park at cms on the island, they all know me and where i want to go hehehe

although i had a really bad experience wif them okadas, i lost a trouser (may it rest in peace)

ooh well i'm done with le jobless blogging....byeeee :* :* *zooms off on okada*

Sunday, May 20, 2012

random typing blah blah

i dont have much motivation to do things on my own, evrything gets boring to me, pleasure is fleeting, why chase it when it's only going to disappear from ur clutches as soon as its over, leaving nothing but memory traces that fade eventually. lol we end up toying with our emotions ourselves, driving it into a frenzied rollercoaster ride up, down and around

I remember telling myself that the worst thing that could happen is that i die.....tall words, if only my actions matched my words, i'm too laid back to be motivated.

you know that awkward moment when u waste a day... then u go to bed feeling sorry for urself and then u tell urself that u'll be productive the next day... then the next day..loool, u do the same thing all over again hahaha, happens to this boy a lot

oh well, one thing that helps me sleep well at night...the thought that i was the reason behind someone's smile during the day...dont care how.... twitter, facebook, tumblr, my blog, reality, etc

iono i think i jus basically feel happy when i make others happy :) oh well

*sigh* i'm just writing randomly..i should go to bed, i have work tomorrow

sayonara readers :* :*

Thursday, May 17, 2012

wheel barrow full of money

hey there earthlings....*dusting blog and cleaning cob webs*
yeeehhh hehehe, its been a while since my last post....i've been crazy tired cos of work and all x_x
but i'm here now, i'm actually putting this post up from work :p
wait chill a bit *covers laptop screen from boss* .........
okay he's gone *phew*

okay so the reason for this post is because of the issue of the new 2000 and 5000 naira notes.. -____-
i have a huge issue with those notes, sometimes i wonder if the people in the seat of power in this part of ur planet use their heads when making decisions....or they make decisions from their stomachs.

lol i can just imagine holding a 5000naira note, the moment i drop it to pay for sumn, that money is gone
or just imagine if nobody has change -___-
i go to the market to buy sumn

me: good afternoon i want to buy that bowl of fruits

merchant: okay sir that'll be 200 naira

le me holding only my 5000 naira note

me: *brings out money* do you have change for 5000 naira (loool)

merchant: no sir i will owe u change

me: -__- i'll jus go hungry nigg

looool or or u have only 5000 and u want to board an okada (bike)
me: okada, i dey go this bus stop u fit drop me for there?

bikeman: yes sir no problem

me: how much u go take?

bikeman: 50 naira sir... (loool, you know what happens next bah?)

me : haa, make i do christmas for u, take 100 naira sef

bikeman: *wide grin* no p sir oya make we go

me: brings out 5000, shae u get change sha?

bikeman: haa!! 5000? sir u go jus take 4500, give me 500 ni

me: ole ni e, commot jare kmt...i go jus trek am -__-

lmao i jus had to imagine these two scenarios in my head..newaiz i pray our country doesnt reach d stage where we'll carry a wheel barrow full of money to buy bread and egg sha ijn amen

if u have any comments or opinions please drop them, thaaaankkssss