Monday, February 13, 2012

weaknesses in us humans

-90% of humans are vain, if not more
-its hard for humans to stand out and do what they want bcos they're scared of what pple will think
-most humans live for now and hardly ever think ahead
-humans have a weakness of being motivated by their emotions..although it could be a useful tool or weapon, it can also cause disaster, breakdown and self-destruction
-humans always want to feel important to at least one person
- even the ones that go around announcing they dont, they care the most (yup all of u #TeamIDGAF peeps)
-humans want the truth but can stand it
-all humans r insecure and need to put their faith in sumn to make them confident
-humans are fragile, and r only as strong as their weaknesses n bonds with other humans or beings E.g animals or their gods
-the heart of a human can be/is desperately wicked
-humans generally seek approval from sumn or someone
- some humans tend to hide their pain behind i believe these ones live longer
-most human actions today are influenced by  others/society/the media
- ur thoughts right now are probably being influenced by this article
-humans dont have opinions of their own, they say their opinions reflect what they believe, but what they believe was giving to dem by society, friends, family, parents, religion etc.

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