Monday, February 6, 2012

BB PORSCHE- i hope i got d spelling apologies to all my readers.....i haven't been able to put up any posts because i had and for those of u that asked, they were awesome(maybe i might jus put my result online) *yimu*
newaiz i'm jus sitting down in the living room listening to rock songs( linkin park n rise against), surfin the web....( -__-) oh wait!!!!!...
i was gonna do an article on that new blackberry.... make i use d technical BB p'9981 the black berry phone for big boys......or girl...(u get the point sha)
its has a silver metallic casing and was finished wif black leather.... its quite slim too
weeeelllllll, this phone wasnt made for jus anybody, even d pin is a testimony to dis fact.... the pins of all bb porsche phones all start with a 'p' at the beginning....( so i no fit pretend say i get bb porsche to set p again *sigh*)
yh...the price of this phone is------- *drumroll* 450k
lol...when i'm not pingin jesus with the phone....omo i no get money to waste sha(loool all this one i'm saying na wash sha, if i can hold dat kinda money ehn...i go buy like ten sef) buh till then sha, S/O to myself, God go make me biggererer looool
for u guys out there...ladies included...if u want to show ur partners u love em, get em one of these .....

lol thats all i have for now.... till next ^.^)

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