Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fatunbi Tiwatayo

looool, kk i hope jay wont kill me for this, buh here goes:
out of random joblessness and the fact that i have been checking these pictures out since morning, i decided why not just blog on this
Moyo, Tiwatayo, Uyaiabasi(lol she gave herself that) Fatunbi..... a very close friend of mine...(this is partly famz
she currently wants to be ushers baybay looool *yimu ooooo* (she's gonna cut my head off)(she's even currently listening to an usher song on my bbm sef) its not by that oooo hehehe *running away*
buh check this pictures out sha....she's like TOO DAMN FINE...*pls dont drool on your keyboards*

see what i was talking bout....hmmmnnn dis is unnatural oooo moyo is there some kinda ish u're using...lemme use too n become handsome ooooo...n pls dont ask me for her contacts.. buh u can follow her on twitter @myatunbi she's real nice and friendly... ;)
later guys.(^.^

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