Thursday, December 22, 2011

Parents..u cant live wif em, u cant live without em :)

sooo...thanks to inspiration, i'm gonna be doing an article on parents...amazing people God gave us to to take care of us, we know we all love our parents(no matter how annoying they could be for us; u know, wif all d do's and don'ts). we all know the saying "we can't choose our parents", well we actually can't buh in our own ways we've all learnt to tolerate them  (^.^)........ i jus want to breeze thru life with parents

It all starts with us as babies....we depend on them too much, and they are ready to give us all the love and attention, they never let us outta their sights, they carries us everywhere...make funny faces at us( and we found dat amusing...smh...newaiz, we were babies, everything was amusing), newaiz, we were their world..*and still are, buh d world reduced lol* hmmmn this was like d best stage of our lives...too bad we weren't aware of it.

the next stage is what i like to call our rugrat stage/learning stage, we looked up to our parents so much....infact they affected i'd say they affected our life's dreams a my dad wu is a computer nerd lol (i hope he doesnt get mad bout that) made me interested in computers...dat kinda stuff. we always wanted to be with them although theirs reduced cuz they sent us to school *rolling eyes*..jus kidding ooo, its all part of the love they have for us shaaa. at this stage we were daddy's girls n mummy's boys.... In this stage, our parents are our idols...parents, this is probably d stage where u have to create ur strongest bonds wif ur kids so they dont go astray....#justsaying
the next stage is the stage where we begin to become distant from our parents..bcos we're making friends n want to be this point, our parents see this n try to assume control back....most parents at this point, go about it the wrong way..and we want to b away from them more.......:( eyaar

newaiz as we grow we distant ourselves from them...till a point when we realize we still love them and need their advice, at this point we have to leave them and create our own lives.. :(..buh they still love us and are usually there for us, like when we graduate from college or uni...or when we begin our families...they will always be there for us...its their job actually....
buh we grow, lets not forget to show our parents how much we love them...MAKE THEM PROUD AND MAKE THEM HAPPY......thats YOUR job......

SHOUT OUT TO THE PARENTS OUT THERE (ESPECIALLY MINE :*) we love u guyz to bits......
readers feel free to comment and shout out to ur parents, AND PLS DO SHARE THIS ARTICLE TO EVERYONE YOU could b d beginning of changing the world looool, much love guyz...nnaya signing off...need to sleep sef, it's night already :D...oh yh, special tanks to JUMMAI YAMMAH for the inspiration


  1. LOL a rather interesting read yknw. Big Ups to my parents tho. Mum especially nd the father figures in my life I really appreciate er1

  2. Absolutely true. Its funny how at one point we want to stay away from them, break every possible rules and the next time, we find ourselves wanting to close up every possible gap. Sigh! I dunno but life is a bit ironic and ridiculous sometimes. Anyways,Dad and Mom my love goes to you because you are the best and I cannot imagine my life without you :)

  3. ...thanks guys....shout out to my parents too, lol i've bn gettn comments on my blackberry that there are typos on this....*covering face* buh i'm happy u guys like it....