Wednesday, December 14, 2011


hey, whats up readers, my deepest apologies for not updating my got a bit tedious n then i fell sick and stuff but now i'm back, with an article from one of my female besties, yammah jummai. And yeah she's single for you guys out there (i hope she'll thank me for that), i'm gonna give the reins to her now so guys, enjoy your reading

JUMMAI: kk, thanks David :*, sooooo LOVE!, LOVE!!, LOVE!!!....hmmmmn, wassup with everybody and this love ish na? some even spell theirs lurv or luv, with very few spelling theirs correctly. On a personal note, i get really scared about the idea of love coz nowadays, with these our guys who like "chop and clean mouth" ooorrr "what you dont know wont hurt" mentality, they can jis disappoint anytime. As fr me oh!, MY LOVE IS TO PRECIOUS TO GET THROWN BACK AT MY FACE. Hence, the use of my head instead of my heart.
But then again, i think "how in the name of God do i intend to get married?" coz for me, marriage is a life time ish yh and i definitely cant get married to someone who i dont love. Someone once told me, "everything in this life is a risk", so therefore by method of deduction i won"t be too far fetched from the truth to say that love is a risk. In all honesty, i hope to love someday, TOTALLY, WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE, and this time i want to do it with my heart and not my head, and i pray that God will give me the grace to, cuz even without a boyfriend since i was born, i have been heart broken.
i'm sure u guys would want to know about it so i'll satisfy ur curiosity.......There"s this guy who happens to be a friend of a friend. The first time we met, we had a quarrel and believe it or not that was the beginning of my crush on him, and with time, we became really really close, and people started assuming we were going out.we grew so fond of each other to the extent that once when i went home for the weekend from school, i missed a test and  he got so worried that he shouted at me like we were married  and then he found out i was sick and then almost started crying and actually wanted to take the test for me (cute hunh). he went as far as telling his mum about me and she called me his "hausa babe"...things look like they're going well don't it, well i thought so too until we got to 200 level and i started hearing rumours about him having a girlfriend in 100 level who he's been goin out with since we were at home...WHAT!!!!!!, but i shrugged it off and started forming until 300 level when i discovered that my whole circle of friends knew about this but me...i was sooooo shocked and heartbroken..newaiz i'm just happy bout one thing, which is that the dude is on the losing side coz even the babe(his gf) is my friend and erybody else and we're at war with we've sha forgiven him sha sha lol....but in the end i still believe in love and i guess the main reason is because God is love and i discovered i cant love others until i love myself first and since i LOOOVE myself then i can love others....hmmph this love ish aint all that bad u u should see Nnaya lol...he n his gf are *clears throat* God dey sha

me: *blushing* oya ee don do...thanks jummai, soo dudes out there, u've seen jummais view..any of u gud enough to make her love with her heart hmmmn, newaiz... erybody threat ur babies riiight *wizkid voice* loool
everybody jus feel free to drop ur comments bout this, me i have my own criticisms for jummai sha

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  1. Lmao David!!! @ Jummai, no hard feelings but you guys were never official so I do not see why it was wrong if he had a babe. He just saw u as a very good friend. i think you read too much into it. Anyways, I totally understand you. The right person would come (I say that for myself too). All the best :)