Friday, December 23, 2011


so, honestly, i couldn't resist this....i jus had to make an article on this, question: IS CHRISTMAS REALLY 2DAYS AWAY...serious tho
Honestly, i dont smell christmas in the air, yh i smell the occasional exhaust smoke from cars in lagos traffic, body odours, mouth odour(maybe dats me*Checks breath*kk not me :D).....stuff frying, but not the cgristmas spirit....i could be wrong tho. The thing is at my age all d fuss of gifts and santa claus and stuff dont get to me so the fun of xmas isnt in looking forward to the 25th, its actually the fun before christmas, cuz i kno after christmas, everybodies minds will be back to business and everything....newaiz..i hope by some miracle, the christmas spirit blows on me...

here are some pictures of christmas y'all might like

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