Friday, December 23, 2011


everytime i see a picture of her, something pricks my chest (occasionally an insect bite loool, kidding) and tells me. if u lose that, you lose a huge chunk of you.. and i dont want to do that...

soo, this night i want to form a relationship shrink (for those of u that dont know the meaning of the word, i dont either, i hear them use it on tv for psychologists)..and give some advices, it could also work for married people yh,,so go ahead and take a gander....bring a goose along so it won't be lonely
lol so here goes:
  • first of, we're humans(sorry for stating the obvious ^.^) )so, by nature and special thanks to adam and eve, we're bound to have arguments in a relationship (duH!!!) so if u really love each other and dont want to lose each other, be ready to meet each other half way....or compromise, get of your high horse, stop being proud, and bend a little to what each other wants.could do you a lot of good
  • next, even tho u guys might want to compromise...u should be able to tell each other what u're thinking (ur churchmind) what hurts u, what u dont like that they do...u jus have to, ur partner is not psychic(actually no human is) so dont blame them if they hurt u cuz they dint know that they would
  • this is applicable to both sexes, cuz i'm tired of seeing al those boys take girls for granted and boys are horrible and they are beasts for dumping girls crap...and den stupidly, people sympathize, girls do it too, u cant expect a boy to stick with a girl who takes him for granted. he might to an extent, buh sooner or later, he'll meet a girl that wont take him for granted and loves him more, and he'll be stupid(in my opinion) for not leaving..newaiz, all i'm trying to say is dont take each other for granted or u myt lose each other and realize what u lost after.. :'(
  • pay attention to each others likes and spontaneous, do sumn romantic and my definition of romantic is; doing what the other person likes at an unexpected but awesome moment that'll make it magical and unforgettable, and dat could include gifts, a date, sweet words u know, any of that kinda stuff
  • be considerate and selfless, thats what love is... think of the other
  • this is kinda for the married alone buh others could read it yeah. ladies, be supportive of your guys and dont go gisting bout their deepest flaws to erybody..the light funny ones are okay, just for laughs buh the major ones, #NOWAY oh yeah pls try and stop with the nagging a lot of guys hate that. and for the guys...same applys to u, and also in addition..take care of ur ladies and protect them emotionally, physically and for the religous (xstians) spiritually by praying for them and also..pls do what they tell u d first time and save yourselves d stress of nagging..unless what they're nagging about dont make sense den try and explain to them reasonably
  • u could make friends wif the opposite sex (duh!!!), flirt a teeny weeny lil bit buh pls dont cheat...thank you ^.^)
  • keep in touch no matter how far you are, and please dont get too clingy, especially if u're not married, everybody needs their space to think
  • compliment eachother very very often....tease each other too...for jokes

dats kinda all i have for now...still love u guys out readers tho....pls SHARE THIS WIF PPLE U KNOW.....could do a lot of good ...oh, i might do one for singles too and feel free to leave comments on this article...oh yh, FOLLOW ON TWITTER @NNAYAFREAKYY in small letters sha sha... peace, love u guys love each other...God loves us all

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  1. Good advice dave. I would take heed to it once I find my prince