Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Game archives by teddyb emeka

kk so dis is a new section i'm adding to my blog, for those who are big fans of gaming. This section'll give you news on new game releases, game previews...criticism etc....u're also free to share your thoughts....newaiz, since i'm not a big fan of gaming, i've given the responsibility to my trusted pal/roommate ...emeka..u can reach him on facebook (teddyb emeka) i wish he had a twitter profile, buh the short guy is stubborn( he's goin to kill me for that)..newaiz sha..ladies he's also single sha...incase you're interested.
teddyb you're up

hey....this is teddyb emeka...i'll be the official game reviewer for this blog...yah n your chief editor is not paying me enough oooooo newaiz God dey.
yh the new releases of games this week are dominated with two highly anticipated games by soccer fans, fifa 12 and pro evolution soccer 12...then the new x-men game and for ps3 "the child of eden"
the new pes 12 for xbox 360, ps3, ps2, pc and psp and wii is going to be released today tuesday 27th september. changes will be noticed in attackers making more intelligent and brilliant runs, and also defenders holding tighter lines.

FIFA 12:
also for the same consoles, will also be realesed today....new features have been promised, with enhanced dribbling with new patterns to give a more realistic look...the defense has new modifications and also focuses on positioning and ball interception.
 a free service that offers pdates on real sports will be added, and d career mode will be able to live out stories from real life events which could give the game new intensity..it will also be having more than 500 official licensed clubs.

if you're feeling to play a new "hero based game" then this new release for xbox, ps3, wii and ds should be a treat for you. this will have players choosing a character and being in charge of their destinies (game wise) the game will also be featuring some hollywood voices so dont be surprised if you hear halle berry's voice ooooo
newaiz those are the new releases for the week, next week i should have my observations and keep you guyz posted...till then, teddyb...out.

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