Sunday, September 11, 2011


yup tis dat time of the year again, the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year....... many kids, n teenagers are probably getting ready for school or have already resumed, a lot of em markets are gonna be packed wif back to school shoppers, both home and abroad(jand, yankee, dubai, u sabi na)
newaiz tho, i'll jus like to make a note of a few schools resuming, n wat to expect, imma start with covenant uni
lol, this is like one of the strictest schools in western nigeria, if not nigeria (n i say so cuz i'm in CU). At least CU students can rest easy cuz of the news that the former dean Mr Muyiwa Fadugba has been transferred, (jus pray the new one is more lenient).
newaiz, Cu students, start saying good bye to ur phones(like it hurts me to say goodbye to my bb) n start saying hello to your laptops and Ipod touches n Ipads (n these things are like pure water there).yah, get ur indomie and ur kettles ready too ooo, s/o to d 3 times a day indomie guyz lol.
for the guyz, start buying your starch n ur oversized shirts, n please try to wear socks this semester, also be careful with ur skinnies lol, may they not tear trousers this semester(mine too) and yeah before i forget, before u buy james and sharwama for her, make sure u have enough money ooo, not that u'll buy and then u'll come to d hall and start asking for sugar..lool. yah better buy your provs too,
yeh and remember, when u are with her, be on the look out for the dreaded bus 5(may dat bus burn ijn) and d popular MARIO lol, n make sure u dont get caught, n if u do, omo two of u for like run #dontdull oooo. dont forget to buy ur corporate shirts sha..i'd love to make friends wif sum1 dat has like 15 tm lewins
for d ladies...we cant w8 to see u girls n wat u'll hav in store for us, Cu babes fine gan....buh pls be easy on the make up #uknowurselves, and pls pity him when u tell him to buy u james and sharwama, ask him if he has eaten first, lol
finally, we cant w8 to see our beloved pastor austin or popularly known to students, pastor ginger ur swagger.

the no meat school, i hope u guyz are ready to return to ur tofu diet, i'm aware dat the babcock freshmen have resumed tho, u guyz shuld treat them nicely, i dont kno much bout ur school tho, buh i do know dat u guyz shuld stock up well for sabath oooo...yah s/o to my mentor at ur school, tho he's graduated, he'll probly kill me for this (kunle akinlemibola) n yeah i'm famzing...holler @ BU students
i have big love for this school tho, some of my cool friends are in this school e.g d rising star official trick, imma big fan of wayward lifestyle btw...dont really have much info on u gyz buh will most def blog when i do...u guyz shuld stay cool sha
yh....u guyz shuld have fun at ur chill out zones yh especially u exclusives dat like to hang out at bethels place.....

yah n before i forget, u guyz go easy on the freshmen, remember u were once like dem...n freshmen, especially the babes, better be ready for d guyz ooooo, lol dont worry, dey'll give u great tours
dis is nnaya sharing his thots, feel free to comment n pls be lenient, this is my first.....n pls share more bout ur schools

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  1. Nice blog and nice write up,pls whats up with the deans and hods of each departmen? Fron an ex std.keep it up and whats happening in there concerning college activities and other shizzles?