Thursday, September 22, 2011

food for thought, then laugh bout it: scooby doo

i'm sure a lot of us have seen the popular cartoon from the 90's scooby doo..if you haven't i dont think your childhood was complete lol...anyways, scooby doo was a popular mystery cartoon about four teens and their dog...... well, this article is about two of those teens, look at the picture, the two to your left (or the computer screens right) lol....fred and daphne.
try and see if u remember this line "shaggy, you scooby and velma go downstairs and check the basement, daphne and i'll check the rooms upstairs" ooorrrr "velma...take scooby and shaggy and check that way, i'll go with daphne this way" (lol is your mind going where i want it to go)
have you ever noticed that after this "division of labour" the camera only focuses on what shaggy, scooby and velma are doin but hardly pays attention to fred and daphne...hmmmmn what could fred and daphne be up to....sorry for corrupting your thots on this cartoon but..we're older now, this should have crossed your mind at some point hahaha....cartoon makers could be perverted in certain ways sha...smh, lol i remember when i used to watch this and i'd wait for fred to say for once, shaggy, you, daphne and never happened tho...oh well lol.
newaiz i hope you guyz will enjoy this my little "observation" pls share your comments too lol...i'm sure if fred reads this he'd have said, "AND I'D HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH THIS IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR YOU THIS MEDDLING BLOGGER" hahahah peace later

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