Thursday, January 5, 2012

Examination Mode.....(-_____-)

hey guys...happy new year to y'all..... even tho our federal government decided to spoil our new year by removing the subsidy from fuel prices, God sha dey...newaiz jus wanted to shoutout to all my readers in nigeria to keep strong and know  that all will be well with this country, i also want to encourage us all to stand as one, whether christian or muslim and #prayfornigeria we need it badly at this point, with all the bombings (our uncles the boko haram) and our daddy that wants to punish us bcos we make fun of mummy's gbagauns lol (^.^) (GEJ and dame patience jonathan) hahahah lol, serious tho we need to pray and stand as one so our country does not crash

         newaiz.....i want to give a shoutout to CU students, and i think RUN students who are writing their exams this month.... #SUCCESS ijn oooooo..pls read oooo n dont rely on brothers, because people can sly ooooo, wishing us all the best in this examination>>>>>>> note if u want dubs, contact me heheeehee *kidding* (^.^)

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