Sunday, October 9, 2011

things u should know about me

 1. my name is David Ajoku, other names include uchennaya and toluwaleyi (yes i am a mixed rice boy)
2. i hate my current nickname
3. i'm 18 yrs old, born in april on the 21st
4. i consider myself to be tall...6 feet has to be sumn yh
5. i'm quiet, and really shy (people tend to see that as me being a snob and i have no idea why)
6. i'm actually really friendly and i love making friends wif people
7. i shoulda put this first, but i love God
8. i love my family and my friends a lot
 9. i can be really sarcastic, and i tease a lot( lol it fustrates my really close female friends a lot hehehe
10.i'm really nice...and it think its to a fault( my niceness is my own undoing)
11. dont be deceived by my usually straight and emotionless face, i actually care a lot
12. i think i was born with a natural over protective instinct for my family and friends.
13. i have 2 male bestfriends and 4 female ones
14.i have a dark side i'm praying to God to help me with...i seem to hide it from people really well tho
15. i HATE noise

16. i love kids SOOOOO MUCH
17. i get childish dispositions some times( dont blame me when u see me acting like a child)
18. as quiet as i seem there are times when i can do the wildest and craziest things.
19. i have a problem with being committed to things i do(praying to God bout that too). i have only been committed to few stuff..buh i'm committed to people tho.
20. i'm really emotional, give me a sob story and my eyes will water, i hide that really well tho.
21. i love cartoons and i hate when people say cartoons are for kids, go put deathnote or baisilik for a kid to watch.
22. i love romantic comedies....i hate action series tho.
23.i have a girlfriend :D
24. i'm a sucker for short girls with cute eyes and long hair.... true talk
25. i bite my nails...(comes when i start thinking)
26.i think a revenge mentality is childish
27.i'm patient...buh pls dont waste my time
28. i would say i have a good memory..(if only i can use it in my academics)
29. i want to be a pilot
30.i love love
31.i hate loosing my friends.
32. i hate being embarassed or being made a fool of( as far as i can remember, i blow my top whenever that happens, and i cant control myself) mentioned in 32, i would say i have a certain level of pride..God help me with that.
34. um what else.....i think i'll post more later


  1. we have somethings in common. I hate been embarrassed, I am very emotional, quite (Yh u know and I hate noise.

    Nice Job! I love ur blog :)

  2. lol, thanks...i hope you realize you're one of the four

  3. Oh really? I never *Covering my face*